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Exclusive Video: Al Pacino presents "Great Ass" moments!

Brace yourselves, folks, and prepare for what is most likely the strangest thing you'll experience all day; and in this day of crack-smokin' mayors and shoulder-bitin' soccer players, that's saying a lot. We all remember that scene from HEAT when Al Pacino makes his famously well-delivered remarks about female asses ("She's got a GREAT ASS!"), or at...
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It's St. Patrick's Day, so here's a whole bunch of hotties in green!

Our favorite annual excuse for getting belligerently drunk on a weeknight is finally here. That's right, kiddos, it's St. Patrick's Day! What was once intended to be an important religious holiday is now generally celebrated with two key ingredients: alcohol and the color green. And on this, the holiest of days, we here at MovieHotties like to have a little fun with that...
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And now, a tribute to Our Favorite Wet T-Shirts in Movies!

You may or may not know this, but Spring Break season is already getting started. I still haven't taken down the Christmas lights, and apparently Mardi Gras began last Tuesday. Despite the current weather not being ideal Spring Break weather, I feel compelled to dress up as Alien and make my way over to Tijuana. It's saddening that the older you get, the slimmer your...
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TGIFs: 10 Girls Next Door (Exclusive)

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Surely, you all have dates, right? Well, if not, here are 10 gorgeous movie gals you can spy on right from your bedroom window! Typically, TGIFs is a device we use to celebrate our favorite movie hotties with animated images, usually with a classy theme, like up-skirt shots or girls kissing each other . This week, in honor of the most romantic fake...
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Top 10 Memorable Hottie Moments of 2013

When the year comes to a close, one can't help but feel inspired to look back on the events that have taken place over the past 12 months, what we've gained, and what we've lost. Sadly, in the world of MovieHotties, we've actually lost a fair share in 2013, what with Girls Gone Wild gone bankrupt and the downsizing of Angelina Jolie's boobies . That said, there has been a considerable...
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Battle of the Canadian Babes FINALS!! Elisha Cuthbert VS Evangeline Lilly VS Cobie Smulders

Guess not as many of you were jazzed about the selection of babes from the third round of the Battle of the Canadian babes, seeing less feedback on that one, but still the winner was clear, making this final round complete with the addition of Miss Cobie. Now it's time to plant your flag on the hottest Canuck babe of all. Well, out of these three finalists. Elisha Cuthbert...
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Battle of the Canadian Babes Round One: Rachel McAdams vs Elisha Cuthbert vs Sarah Chalke

I am going to give all of you a couple more days to get votes in for last week's Battle of the Babes because West Coast vs East Coast vs Down South are still so close to call. Don't forget to cast a decision there after we just right into one of my favorite places in the world! America's Hat and all the babes tucked within! Rachel McAdams Four our first trio of...
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Elisha Cuthbert heads to the new Target in Canada for her Black Ops fix

The discount retailer Target is super popular in the United States, so if you polite, darling Canadian Schmoes could clue me into what you all were using before the chain was introduced in Toronto last week, it will assuage my curiosity. Not only is it appropriate that Canadian born actress Elisha Cuthbert would be on hand as a part of the celebrities enlisted to help market this grand...
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Would you pick up a hitchhiking Elisha Cuthbert and give her a ride?

Elisha Cuthbert madness should have started here: with her as a seasoned adult in a comedic role that she appears to be excelling at. Not that I'm complaining about her famous wet shirt moment in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR or anything but we might have jumped Jack Bauer's gun by declaring her such a babe when she was younger and dwelling on damsel-in-distress types. Now that they've released the...
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ABC brings the Cuthbert, Milano, Ritter and Lawson hotness for their Winter TCA Tour

I've always associated ABC programming with family type shit. For years they've been the go to place for wholesome shows about loving families and happy times. Even their stuff that isn't as wholesome and loving still often has some kind of family slant to it. Maybe that's just because Disney owns them, but whenever I hear about something from ABC, I'm always thinking family friendly. And that...
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Top 10 Hottest Network TV Babes of 2012

Movies are meant to be watched on the big screen. You get a chance to see a beginning, middle and end unfold before you and hopefully feel satisfied when you unstick your butt from the theater seat. TV offers the opportunity for the concept of a movie to be doled out to you regularly, from the comfort of your home, giving you endlessly more each week, and supplying hottie action like a morphine...
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Battle of the Babes #238: Happy Endings Babes

I have never watched the show, "Happy Endings," but after watching the movie MOTHER'S DAY over this past weekend, I felt like I needed a happy ending to wash my dissatisfaction how that movie concluded. In my defense, I want you to understand that this is an article about the babes from the NBC sitcom, not the opportunity for you to judge my opinion on the movie. (I didn't hate it,...
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