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Battle of the Babes #204: Whedon's Babes

Anyone besides me going to use their trip to see CABIN IN THE WOODS to whet their Whedon until May 4th finally winds its way around? Many ignoramuses are just wanting to tune into the cool superhero action from THE AVENGERS. I see it as the geek flick made by the geek hero. And man, when it comes to scoring with the ladies these days, it pays to be a geek. Eliza Dushku...

Krysten Ritter invites you over to her place

Krysten Ritter is getting very casual in the latest round of Esquire's Me In My Place photos. Krysten is looking pretty damn hot here in her underwear. She has such an unusual face that changes greatly according to how you see her. Sometimes I get an Anne Hathaway vibe from her, other times she resembles Eliza Dushku , or she might have her own unique look. It all depends on if she has...

Body Shop: Eliza Dushku

Since we're at the next to last week of the BS, thought maybe it was time to finally tackle a chick that has always struck me as one of the most overrated hotties working today. I personally think she's a terrible actress and not particularly hot, though a great deal of the fanboy community disagrees. Which is cool, because it would feel wrong to finish out The Body Shop...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku's sexy Hulu commercial - Hulu CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF OUR PREVIOUS “HOTTIE CLIPS OF THE DAY”

Eliza Dushku plays sexy game dominatrix for the gamer community

The other day I posted some Twitter pics that Eliza Dushku had posted of her candidly hamming it up backstage before co-hosting the CES awards, something that gives recognition to the coolest, bestest games out there. I'm old school. If you can't do better than Birdo shooting eggs out of her giant mouth for me to jump on, grab and throw back at her, my acid trip really isn't interested. I can...

Eliza Dushku should just start adding her Twitter posts to her resume

I'm not a fan of Eliza Dushku's acting, let's get that out of the way right now. But the woman chooses some interesting roles and her name alone is enough to get otherwise sketchy projects off the ground (if not maintain them hovering for more than a season or two). Now she's rocking out in Vegas for things like the International Consumer Electronics Show and posting cute pictures of herself...

Eliza Dushku, how we've missed the hotness of you

I don't know if it's because she's still dating that old basketball dude, but I just don't seem to be seeing as much of Eliza Dushku these days. She's not booked anything big acting wise in awhile and other than getting dressed up for some CNN Heroes special they had going on over the weekend, most of the shots are of the famously fit brunette getting groped at the airport or pumping her gas....

Hottie Clip #690 - Eliza Dushku's Boob Grab - THE LEAGUE

Eliza Dushku's Boob Grab - "THE LEAGUE"

Battle of the Babes #180: Halloween Costumes

I have no idea which brand of energy drink October of 2011 guzzled down, but holy hell has this month gone by fast. I want to dose the mofo with some Ritalin or something, because I can't deal with the crazy train that it's been. Since one of the only thing that I've heard my friends talking about incessantly for the last three weeks is what costume to wear, I thought we could make this...

Eliza Dushku gets her Albanian citizenship

Look at the look on that dude's face as he's handing Eliza Dushku her certificate of Albanian citizenship (the actress' father is Albanian and is currently in the country making a documentary to promote tourism). It's as if he's staking claim for his country with his eyeballs. Or wondering why she's still hooked up with Rick Fox.

CON: A whole gaggle of hotties from the various ComicCon panels

You've got to hand it to ComicCon - they really know how to draw the hotties, both on the floor and in the panels. I doubt there is a geek fantasy not put on display in some way during this latest celebration of all things nerdy. That's a good opportunity for the various studios to make sure the most high profile hotties are in attendance. After all, you've got armies of geeks from every part...

Charisma Carpenter's about to get burned

All I know about the show "Burn Notice" is that they've reduced the great Bruce Campbell to playing second fiddle to that dude who reminds me of a dog's pucker asshole. He could be the greatest actor of his generation and I'd never get past the fact that when I look at his face, I want to rush to find a plastic baggie. While Eliza Dushku, another Buffy alumnus, has hit up the other USA show...

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