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Elsa Pataky warms up the Dark Seduction photocall in Madrid

Apparently the name Elsa is on the rise for newborn baby girls, although it's got more to do with the movie FROZEN than it does Mrs. Thor, Elsa Pataky . Not that the Disney ice queen could hold a candle to Pataky, who looks stunning in her leather pants only 6 months after she was pregnant with the twin gods. She's promoting something called Dark Seduction, which is being touted as something...

Elsa Pataky is proof that Chris Hemsworth is a god

Honestly, who else could have the incredibly great fortune that Chris Hemsworth has? He's a god when he's playing THOR, he's a gorgeous and captivating race car driver in RUSH, he's wildly handsome with a near impossibly perfect physique and his wife looks this good only 5 months after giving birth to perfect twin sons. You almost want to hate on Hemsworth but he's too damn...

Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Elsa Pataky

It was Jordana Brewster over Michelle Rodriguez in last week's Face Off , though only by a couple votes. Jordana has never done as much for me for some reason. Granted, Michelle is pretty scary, but she's also pretty hot. As always with these things, to each his own. So it looks like FAST & FURIOUS 6 is a certified hit. Was anyone doubting that such would be the case? These movies...

Elsa Pataky's shirt is pointless

I believe the shirt Elsa Pataky was wearing while shopping the other day was pretty much the most ineffectual article of clothing I've seen. There's really no point to it at all, is there? I guess it might be sufficient to ward off enforcement of any "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs she might have come up against in her Soho fashion quest, though only just barely. Not that I'm...

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