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Riley Keough is giving the hot girlfriend experience to Esquire, Nylon magazines

Riley Keough must really want her new TV show, "The Girlfriend Experience" to be successful. The granddaughter of Elvis has been trotting about promoting the new Starz series with a variety of appearances at TCA panels and the like and with magazines hitting newsstands for the month of March, Keough is setting phasers to stunning with see-through and otherwise sexy photoshoots for both...
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Emily Browning splashes in the waves on the Shangri-La Suite set

Yesterday we got to check out Ashley Greene in a bright yellow swimsuit on the set of THE SHANGRI-LA SUITE, a movie which also stars cute Aussie Emily Browning and if the images that have been emerging are any indicator, it seems as if Emily in her crocheted two piece is going to be the sexier of the two characters. While I have no reason to assume that Greene would naturally be the more...
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