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Emily Blunt is our Hottie of the Month for October 2016 (video)

We've been a fan of Emily Blunt around these parts since long before she delivered the world's hottest push-up in EDGE OF TOMORROW. Despite the mixed feedback on her latest flick  THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN , there's no excuse too blunt to share our love for this hottie. Like many talented actresses before her, Emily started her career as a small fish in a big...
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BOTB Girl on the Train: Emily Blunt vs Haley Bennett vs Rebecca Ferguson

It was a three-way tie last week over the girls from FLOCK OF DUDES, although there weren't really a lot of comments to make it a true battle. What, I should have made it Kate Hudson vs Kristen Wiig vs Eva Green? I think we all know that would have been tragically unbalanced. This week, let's focus on a movie ripe with the babes for plucking from, even though not a single one of their...
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There's no baby blues to Emily Blunt's red carpet premiere look

Finally! Someone other than me said something I had been thinking all along! In an interview with Paula Hawkins, the writer of the book that THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is based on, has said that she believes its star, Emily Blunt is too beautiful for the role of Rachel, the alcoholic with some major (lack of) closure issues. While she's admitted that she thinks Blunt did a great job in...
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BOTB Huntsman Ladies: Charlize Theron vs Emily Blunt vs Jessica Chastain

Last week you were pretty clear that you loved all the ladies of Disney live-action movies (and I discovered that Elle Fanning is now legal and ready for her MovieHotties posts!) but it was still Emma Watson who brought out your beasts with her beauty. Earlier this week we saw two of the babes from THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR face off but how about we go for the...
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Face Off: Charlize Theron vs. Emily Blunt

In the battle of the fantasy franchise hotties , it was Emma Watson who carried the day against Emilia Clarke . Clearly Emma's Potter cred remains a powerful weapon in her hottie arsenal all these years later. I wonder how many opinions would be changed if Emilia starts getting naked again. This week we're getting both Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt no doubt engaging in...
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Jessica Chastain sure stood out for The Huntsman premiere

An actress with a certain degree of prestige like Jessica Chastain here doesn't just show up to a premiere in Singapore for her new movie, THE HUNTSMAN: WINTER'S WAR (currently sitting with a whopping 18% on Rotten Tomatoes), wearing any old dress, especially with a sizable amount of gorgeous costars also in attendance. When walking the red carpet alongside uber hotties...
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Jessica Chastain nourishes in more ways than one

As is usually the case with magazine spreads like the one Jessica Chastain is doing for Porter magazine this month, I have not a clue what's happening. There does not seem to be a central theme to these here pics. Jessica goes from feeding baby marsupials, to arcade gaming, and finally to seductively pulling open her shirt. Obviously that last move is the most pertinent to our purposes...
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Charlize Theron exists in a constant state of sexy

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Charlize Theron is ... longevity. That describes her career (she's reprising her role from SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN in the sequel THE HUNTSMAN: WINTERS WAR), looks and sex appeal perfectly. Just look at the images WSJ produced for their April issue; images depicting just how disobedient to father time the mega-movie star really is....
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Top 6 Hottest Funny Women in Movies

You always hear women talk about finding a funny guy kinda hot. There's no reason why a funny woman shouldn't work the same way. Sure, T&A alone will work just fine. However, if the hottie in question can also crack wise and make us laugh, all the better. Here are 6 hotties with humor we find particularly hot. What other hotties work the funny just as well as the sexy?...
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Emily Blunt is too pretty to be the Girl on the Train

Now that she's announced her second pregnancy, I'm starting to understand why the people behind the adaptation of Paula Hawkins' best seller, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, thought they could get away with casting Emily Blunt , one of the loveliest and chicest stars in Hollywood as the frumpy, overweight Rachel. I've read the book, it's not as sharp and lacks the wicked finesse of GONE GIRL but it's...
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Blunt, Chastain and Theron make 3 good reasons to see The Huntsman

They've got a fantastic strategy going with this pseudo sequel to the dull as shit SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. They've identified the most important elements that kept the first movie from being completely unwatchable, namely Charlize Theron , and supplemented her with two other fantastic hotties - Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain . Now there's a smart bunch of people. Collect 3 of...
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Emily Blunt's hotness seems to attract some strange company

So I found these pics of Emily Blunt at some Guggenheim event today. Seems like pretty standard stuff. Emily looks great, obviously. Rarely does she miss a beat there. In fact, she looks pretty happy here, which is something a little more unusual for her. I think press/paparazzi attention tends to annoy her. Can't say I blame her for feeling that way. But then all of the sudden, the...
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