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The Hunger Games Catching Fire catches a lot of hotties for its Los Angeles premiere

When did Jena Malone turn into an alien? I recall this girl being super cute when she was younger, from DONNIE DARKO to SAVED! but something seems to have changed along the way. I understand that it's working to her benefit when it comes to the HUNGER GAMES movies, where she's snagged a role as Johanna Mason, one of the former victors in the Hunger Games who is going to appear and be...

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment are taking each other to the cleaners

Hottie overload! Hottie overload! Uber-hotties Emmanuelle Chriqui and Emily Osment are apparently going to star in a show together called Cleaners. Hopefully, every single episode involves Emmanuelle and Emily wrestling in chocolate pudding, gravy and whipped cream for, like, ten minutes. I'd imagine they'd go to a commercial break after that, but upon returning, we'd see them in a giant...

Emily Osment shows off sexy bod at Elysium premiere

I'm happy I never really grew up a Disney kid. I was more prone to Nickelodeon growing up (represent!), however, it would've been really interesting watching Hannah Montana on television and getting to see Miley Cyrus and this chick Emily Osment spring into young adulthood. It must be cool growing up and being able to look in the mirror and say something like, "Huh. I've...

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