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Emily Ratajkowski uses her tight ass to sell bikinis

There's so many different bikini companies out there it's hard to imagine any aspiring designer being able to carve out a piece of that crowded market. The folks at Amore and Sorvete use a proven and brilliant strategy to sell their summer line of skimpy beachwear: Put Emily Ratajkowski 's tight backside in one of their thongs and call it a day. Besides Emily's hefty going...
7 days ago
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Emily Ratajkowski put on a lengthy legs show in NYC

I know Emily Ratajkowski walking down the street isn't quite as interesting as Emily doing her best Lady Godiva impression . Doesn't matter how hot her dress is. Naked is still always gonna be better where EmRat is concerned. Still, you're much more likely to see her like this than the other way. This is because Emily doesn't even have to try at this point. She walks down any old NYC...
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Top 6 Hottest Actresses with Real Racks (video)

Why is it we're so fascinated with the ladies who keep it real up top? Is it the look? The feeling? The way they jiggle and sway in slow motion jogging scenes? Whatever the reason, they do tend to inspire more than their implant alternatives. Here are 6 hotties who know a thing or two about real racks. See how the stacked stack up below. Got any other natural hotties...
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Emily Ratajkowski & her royal cleavage model for Princess Lingerie

She's said that she has no plans to continue going naked for roles but when you've got the body for lingerie, you certainly don't turn down the paycheck. Emily Ratajkowski looks as tremendous in the frilly undergarments from Princess Lingerie as she does in every other shoot she does like this. While I might not be able to vouch for her fledgling acting career (she was appropriate in GONE...
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Emily Ratajkowski does her own street pokies show

We saw Charlotte McKinney doing the pokies thing earlier today. She's does such things in her typical sledgehammer style. Not to be outdone though was Emily Ratajkowski , who handled things in a little more classy fashion. Well, as classy as braless pokies can be. At least EmRat doesn't have to squeeze her gigantic boobs so tight that they become walleyed. Did I just put down giant...
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Emily Ratajkowski has a gift for showing the goods

Leave it to a sexy, slinky supermodel like Emily Ratajkowski to reliably strike that perfect balance of elegant, and kind of slutty, whenever the next major fashion event calls for it – or if it's just a Tuesday. She opted out of making her bodacious set a Ta Ta's the evening's focal point in favor of a bare leg and back show that's sure to get anyone's pulse...
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Emily Ratajkowski looked like a walking piece of art at Glamour's Game Changers

I might not have a fully developed opinion on the quality of her acting but it's pretty easy to be completely sold on Emily Ratajkowski's beauty. It probably doesn't hurt matters that Emily is built like a Barbie doll, all long legs, tiny waist and bountiful bosom. At the Game Changers celebration held by Glamour magazine over the weekend, all it took was a simple but elegantly cut navy...
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Emily Ratajkowski takes off her top to sell some jewelry

This ad campaign by jeweler Jacquie Aiche looks like a Johnny Depp dream come to life as a busty supermodel. Emily Ratajkowski has spoken in interviews recently about how she is steering herself away from photoshoots like this one, feeling as if she's already tapped all there is to be tapped from being known for looking good naked. I'd guess that the paycheck was fat enough to distract...
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Emily Ratajkowski looks hot in too many clothes

One thing I like about Emily Ratajkowski when she does one of these fashion spreads, is how nicely they manage to capture her beauty. That probably sounds disingenuous of me to say. After all, who looks at her face in spreads like these? Still, my only peeve with Emily is how her features sometimes don't come across well from certain angles. I don't mean to be a dick about that....
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Emily Ratajkowski hardly misses an opportunity to break out the boobs

It wasn't only Kate Upton who showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscar party with her enormous bust in full view. Her brunette counterpart, Emily Ratajkowski , also made her appearance tits out. This feels like a total missed opportunity. Was it too difficult to get a few shots of these super buxom babes standing side-by-side; hand-in-hand; tits-to-tits? Can you imagine the kind of fantasy...
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The Oscars are always a perfect time for the hotties to show off

Once again we got a whole mess of fine women walking the Oscar red carpet. This year there was even a method to the hottie madness going on all around the Dolby Theater, which was all about the low cut and revealing. I like what happens when those words are put together, particularly when it pertains to Hollywood's best and brightest. As for the evening's awarding and ceremonies, there were a...
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Emily Ratajkowski was a pretty little flower at Global Green's pre-Oscar party

She was in an Oscar nominated movies when the award show rolled around last year (hey, Jason Statham - how about a nudity Oscars too?) but Emily Ratajkowski tended to stick more to the pre and post Oscar parties rather than make a splashy appearance at the show itself. At the Global Green party on Wednesday night, EmRat took a dress that would have looked conservative and perhaps even dowdy...
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