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Your 2014 Golden Globes hottie roll call

Plenty of great golden globes at this year's Golden Globes. And I ain't talking about the trophies. Ladies were bringing the gown hotness big time this year, both for the show and at the after parties. As for who got what, it seemed fairly predictable. Although I think they might have to institute some sort of fair play system here pretty soon just to keep Amy Adams and Jennifer...

Shay Mitchell's photoshoot for does a body good

Shay Mitchell is my favorite "Pretty Little Liar" and not just because the 24-year old actress is hot, not just because she's a sweet swirl of Filipino, Irish and Scottish, not just because she hails from Canada, not just because she plays a lovely lesbian on the show, not just because the hot cougar Nia Peeples plays her mother on the show and not just because she's hot - wait, I think I...

The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest ABC Family Chicks

I'm writing this as I prep myself for another new episode of "Pretty Little Liars." Hell, I could have done this entire sexy 10 spot on the women from that show alone but in good conscience, I had to include some of the other fine faces that have come from shows we would have never tuned into because they were on ABC Family... except all of us have a little twistedness in us regarding how close...

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