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Top Ten Hottest TV Wives

TV is well known for giving its men far more attractive wives than they deserve. This isn't about the hottest wives stuck with the most undeserving of husbands. This list is more about the hottest women on television right now who happen to also kick ass at the domestic partnership thing. They're smart, they're funny, they're sexy and they're definitely some babes that you would give your right...
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Would you tap that? (Emma Rigby)

When I first looked at these images from the Disney Summer TCA Party, I thought this chick was the lovechild of Paris Hilton and Kristin Chenoweth but I feel that's unfair to Chenoweth. This here is Emma Rigby , a 23-year old actress from England who got her start in acting as a part of the soap opera "Hollyoaks" and is moving on over to the North American side of the pond with roles in...
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