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Hottie Report Card: Emma Roberts

Today is Emma Roberts' 26th birthday. And it should be a happy birthday, since things seem to be going pretty well for Emma lately. I have to admit, there were times toward the start of her acting career when I wasn't sure we would still be talking about her years down the line. She's got some big shoes to fill. Fortunately, Emma got enough of her famous family's acting skills to at...
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Hottie Clip: Emma Roberts in Nerve

In the midst of a summer filled with the expected swarm of reboots, rehashes and sequels, we were handed the opportunity to experience NERVE, a no-strings-attached film starring Julia Roberts's niece and James Franco's brother. If you're fond of blinking, however, you might have missed it when it was released back in July. If you're into...
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Emma Roberts was popping out of her dress at the Popfest

I'm not sure what Entertainment Weekly's Popfest event is for. No doubt it's some sort of promotional thing for celebs to come out and talk about whatever they're doing. The important thing to know about Emma Roberts' time at this event was her interpretation of what being at an event like this entailed, namely the opportunity to pop one's boobs out of her dress. It seemed like a few...
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Emma Roberts in spandex will give your eyeballs a good workout

Scream Queens hottie Emma Roberts will be struggling with the fate of Chad Radwell, her on-screen beau, this week but it appears as if she's made amends once more with her off-screen sweetie, Evan Peters. The two have famously been on-and-off-again since they first got together back in 2012, even gaining some negative press when Roberts was arrested for domestic abuse back in 2013 (the...
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Emma Roberts & Lea Michele were all smiles at Scream Queens press conference

I have been so happy with the way this second season of Scream Queens is rolling out that I was fairly pissed when they put off the third episode for that far scarier thing with that far creepier villain (you do your own MadLibs on that one). After unveiling what's been going on with Dean Munsch's new role as a wealthy writer with aspirations (& delusions) of grandeur at her "we'll fix the...
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Emma Roberts continues to be hot beyond all reason

I'm usually pretty solid in what I like in the ladies. I've had a lot of time to mull that over and come to various conclusions about where I'm at there. Yet somehow Emma Roberts always finds a way to wad up all my hottie penchants and toss them out the window. How she does this is a mystery. Anyone else with her skinny body would be way off my radar. She's also got a propensity for...
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Emma Roberts takes to bikini-wearing to promote her new movie

I always have to raise an eyebrow at images like these of Emma Roberts doing the bikini beach thing. Show me a hottie celeb in a bikini in some blurry pics clearly taken from behind a bush somewhere and I'll be at least willing to believe they were captured in some kind of illicit manner. It's a different story when they seem to be mere feet away, snapping pics of every move the actress or...
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Emma Roberts has got a lot of nerve

Emma Roberts' movie NERVE comes out in a couple weeks, but she's already out there doing promotions for it. In the movie Emma plays a high school girl who partakes in an online game of truth or dare which predictably takes her in some not-so-nice directions. I can't speak for the quality of the movie, but I will praise Emma for her choice in attire for the interview she does below, which...
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Emma Roberts tries her hand at butt jeans

Normally when we start to talking about asses in butt jeans, the subject of said talk involves some sidewalk shenanigans from Hilary Duff . This time around it's Emma Roberts doing the parking meter 2-step in her tight jeans. You probably wouldn't expect a petite thing like Emma would make as good of an impression as Hilary, but the truth is Emma is packing a surprisingly satisfying...
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Emma Roberts is wearing the hell out of her new hair color

I don't keep it a big secret that I prefer the darker hair colors on women, from radiant reds to the darkest of blacks, especially if the color better suits their skin tone. While there are some natural blondes who look good as such (Charlize Theron come to mind), whenever actresses in Hollywood take on the platinum tresses, it tends to wash them out and over-accentuate their not-as-good...
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Emma Roberts was keeping it cool at Coachella

Emma Roberts was doing just like everyone else at Coachella this year, namely trying to stay cool while making fashion statements and pretending to care about the undercard bands she never heard of. Emma's been looking pretty good lately. She's got the red hair going, which is often a direct route to my better angels. She's been making the most out of the warm weather we're...
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Emma Roberts caps off todays collection of hot red heads

This afternoon's forecast: it's raining red, hallelujah, it's raining red. Bella Thorne, Angelica Bridges and now Emma Roberts , the amount of red-headed hotties occupying Hollywood seem to be multiplying like Mogwais. Not that anyone's complaining, especially when this particular redhead appears to have left her bra on the bedroom floor. This is the second time this...
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