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Face Off: Victoria Justice vs. Emma Stone

It was probably a foregone conclusion how things were going to go with last week's Face Off . Truth be told, I had it as a tie between Salma Hayek and Katy Perry right up to the last minute. But then I realized many of Salma's movies have sucked recently and even the good ones aren't enough to equal Katy's monumental successes in her field. But like I said before, the question of...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Emma Stone vs Jennifer Lawrence vs Margot Robbie

When stuck in a social situation where interaction requires more of me than staring at my mobile device, scrolling through my accounts and sharing witty observations about life or photographs of the food I'm about to consume, I often resort to playing the more sexist, violent version of this game. I can't be the only degenerate who has ticked off three different individuals, daring...
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Emma Stone brings the booty again, but has some trouble picking a hair color

We all know about the unexpected, if not delightful change in perspective that's taken place with Emma Stone lately. Time was it was all about her sweet face and auburn locks. Now, dat ass of hers is what people seem to be most inspired by. I too have grown quite fond of Emma's derriere, but I'm a little concerned about what's going on with her face and hair. It would appear she is...
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Emma Stone makes the monotony of pumping gas sexy

Emma Stone makes anything sexy; she could make the bloody endeavor of kosher butchering sexy or shoveling elephant shit at the zoo. As long as that pert, yoga-tight ass of hers is somewhere in frame, the images are worth a moment of your time. I'd like to know a bit about the photographer who constantly camps out by this gas station Emma frequents - in case you haven't noticed,...
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BOTB Gosling's Gals: Emma Stone vs Eva Mendes vs Rachel McAdams

When it comes to money makers, you like 'em big. That is, you love the size of Katy Perry's chest so intensely that she ended up being your favorite in the match-up of the top paid ladies from each of the main entertainment fields. You might be boob guys but Ryan Gosling has long been seen as one of THE NICE GUYS , long before he made the movie that's getting released this week....
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Emma Stone finds your fascination with her ass amusing

Emma Stone's seeming incredulity and amusement over the paps following her and her ass around like hungry dogs, looks like a smokescreen to me. I can't imagine how she could ever divorce herself from her own actions and the fascination of the paps. The fact is that whenever you see her around now she's always got a set of these tights on, which just happen to show off her newly toned ass...
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Emma Stone buries herself in the Billie Jean King part, still has the booty

Some of the most celebrated performances in cinema history are those where the actor really gets into the part, so much so that they sort of become who they're playing. It's too early to tell if Emma Stone is gonna be part of that group with her performance as Billie Jean King in BATTLE OF THE SEXES. She's clearly going that route by making herself the embodiment of the 70s tennis champ. I...
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Emma Stone's stunning appearance at the 2016 MET Gala

With all of the coverage of Emma Stone in skin tight gym wear lately, these photos of her attendance to the 2016 MET Gala serve as a nice reminder of how incredibly, remarkably gorgeous she looks when dressed to the nines - absolutely stunning. The only advantage those gym wear photos have is: there are usually many ass shots among them. That's right, one creep in a parking lot is...
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Emma Stone's ass in spandex can officially be called a clinical addiction

You would think that after all of the recent candid photos featuring Emma's ass of stone in spandex popping up lately, the thrill would be gone. You might think that, but you'd be so wrong. If I'm being honest, her ass has given rise to something of a concerning addiction; one that triggers sudden rage-infused lashing out at family, friends and co workers when too many days go...
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Emma Stone may have created a beautiful butt monster

Emma Stone walking around in a near constant state of plumpified cheeks in tights has drawn the eye of celebrity butt fans the world over, and in the process made the paps understand the powerful draw of this new booty Emma has found for herself. This has probably caused the prices for a set of Emma butt pics to skyrocket, which is why you find said paps all crowded around her car post...
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Emma Stone's ass in spandex proves that miracles do happen on Easter

The miracle of the risen Christ was an impressive feat indeed, but when compared to the miracle that is Emma Stone's tight tush, returning from the grave is relatively small potatoes. The faithful may recognize the auspicious manner in which these images surfaced on Easter Sunday; the cynics will suggest it was a mere coincidence. Usually, I see myself as more of a cynic but I like to...
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Emma Stone just can't keep out of those sexy tights

Emma Stone is really putting the time in with the workouts in anticipation of her portrayal of tennis legend Billie Jean King. Every time you see her now she's wrapped up in some Lycra either going to or coming from a workout. I get it. Tennis is a bitch of a sport. That's why its stars have to get all roided up just to play the damn game in its present high octane iteration....
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