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Top 6 Hotties with Really Short Hair (video)

Short hair on the hotties is a touchy subject. It tends to bring up a lot of negative reactions, probably because it can be such a radical change. People do get used to seeing their favorite hotties a certain way, so much so that a big change usually doesn't go over well. But then there are a few who manage to lop off their hair and still stay just as good as before - maybe even...
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BOTB Disney Live Action: Chloe Moretz vs Emma Watson vs Lily James

The results from last week's battle weren't a surprise to me, with all of you showing your undying love for Lauren Cohan even when the chips are down for the end-of-season shenanigans making you hold your breath until October. I'm glad to see there are some Christian Serratos and Danai Gurira fans out there as well, albeit less vocal than Lauren's. As for vocals, we're heading into...
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Face Off: Emma Watson vs. Emilia Clarke

Too close to call between Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain in last week's Face Off . Bit of a role reversal there. You guys tied it up and I made a definitive choice. So much for all the bitching about me being tie game happy. Actually, you did what I wanted to do. I can't decide between them either. This week sees Emma Watson bring her movie COLONIA to theaters. Then next...
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Emma Watson's Porter magazine shoot has her fans in a treasure hunt frenzy

She might be talking about finding self acceptance in the interview she did for Porter magazine, but it's the did-we didn't-we question of a hint of Hermoine nipple that seems to have fans abuzz. Emma Watson has always been notoriously chaste when it comes to her photoshoots (aside from that ode to PRETTY WOMAN she did for GQ) and I don't honestly find this one to be all that different....
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Emma Watson goes all goth goddess in the pages Vogue Italia

When asked to look back on pictures of herself in HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE, Emma Watson apparently ducks and cringes. Hermoine Granger as an adult is not that fond of revisiting images of her 11-year old self. "I immediately think how bad my hair was," Emma revealed in the interview accompanying her photoshoot for Vogue Italia's November 2015 issue. While Watson is proud of...
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BOTB Hot Witches: Emma Watson vs Emmy Rossum vs Jenna Dewan

GOOSEBUMPS knocked off the rest of the movie competition last week, getting big numbers for a PG-13 spookfest. The stars from the original show that I featured in the battle from last week didn't pull in as strong of numbers but everyone seemed to be evenly divided on their love of A.J. Cook, Katharine Isabelle and Laura Vandervoort. Will things be as easy for you to decide amongst the...
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Sexy TwitPics: Summer 2015 Round-up

Today we bid our dues to the month of August, and to a degree, summertime itself. Although the heat will probably stick around for a while longer, the window for blockbuster sequels and remakes is behind us... for the next month or so, anyway. Yes, the transition into September always feels something like "back to school" time for all of us, which isn't that awesome...
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The ever dainty Emma Watson attends the Regression photocall

Oh Emma Watson ; you're so cute and likable it makes me hopeful you'll be able to one day shed the shadow of Hermione Granger. Then we can all have a different portrayal of yours to fixate on, and inspire euphemisms to describe our lust for you. Sadly for you; that day's not yet here. So forgive me in advance for saying - gazing upon your promotional photos for the most recent...
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Hot or Not: Emma Watson

Last week you might not have wanted to spend money to watch HITMAN: AGENT 47 but you sure did like its star, Hannah Ware, who garnered very positive responses from her place in the Hot or Not spotlight. Over the years, I've shied away from featuring certain actresses that so many have long standing crushes on because I believe that I can't win in featuring them. This week, because...
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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Emma Watson

It appeared that Selena Gomez had the advantage over Demi Lovato in last week's Face Off . I wont debate that. Selena is good for plenty of provocative moments, but Demi is no slouch there either. These two really should bury the hatchet. With their combined sexiness, they could end these divisive comparisons and bring hotness to the galaxy. Margot Robbie and Emma Watson...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Chicks in Disaster Flicks

The epic orgy of mass destruction otherwise known as SAN ANDREAS opens in theaters today, starring the stunning Alexandra Daddario . Hotties trying to survive terrible disasters is well covered territory in movies. Our good buddy Jason Dean has 6 such ladies lined up for you to get hot for, even as all hell breaks loose around them. See which fine ass babes last long enough to see dawn...
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Emma Watson has influenced me to enjoy my happy-alone-time that much more

I gotta say that I feel a little bit bad whenever I write about Emma Watson . She's a totally respectable young woman who's an extremely talented actress and who has graduated from a very prestigious college and feels very strongly about feminism and all I can do is talk about how f*cking hot she is. I wish I wasn't so superficial and could compliment her on these things or just...
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