Any time of the day is a good time for Chrissy Teigen cleavage

There are quite a few award shows out there these days, but the one people give the least of a f*ck about would probably have to be the Daytime Emmy Awards. My grandmother watches daytime television because she is literally unable to go outside because the sun will make her burn to a crisp like a vampire, so perhaps she tuned in to the award show where Chrissy Teigen showed up...

Alexandra Daddario alternated between serious and smiley at the Emmys

Someone mentioned something to me last night that got me thinking about Alexandra Daddario . Now, you know from my many posts on this gorgeous creature just how much I think of her. I'm sure many of you concur. I do have to point something out that was addressed in the conversation I had during last night's Emmy proceedings. That was essentially Alexandra's propensity to completely face...

Classic Hotties: Susan Sarandon

It seems like Susan Sarandon has spent the vast majority of her career playing the hot older woman. And when she wasn't playing a hot older woman she was a hot older woman for real. It's understandable she has this rep, as most of us didn't have a chance to get to know her until she was well into her 30s. Such a thing might have had negative consequences for other ladies in her...

Classic Hotties: Sally Field

If there's one thing the last 40 or 50 years have proven, it's that Sally Field is always going to be around. She's just one of those people no one wants to see go anywhere. It started when she was the plucky teen surfer girl and airborne wife of Jesus, stuck around through her multiple personality experiences, solidified during her time as Burt Reynolds' hot arm candy, became the stuff...

It was a red, white, blue and black night for the hotties attending the 65th annual Emmys

What a huge, star-studded occasion for everyone in the TV world at the 65th Emmy Awards last night, full of glitz and glamor and celebration for all the great things TV has to offer. Yeah, I didn't watch any of that shit either. Like many folks, I was too busy watching Walter White plot his revenge and also plotting my revenge on those cock-gobblers who managed to make such a mockery of the...

Classic Hotties: Jessica Lange

Hollywood has always been the place to be for models aspiring to loftier goals. Time spent as an idealized image of beauty and sex appeal can open doors for many a young model with dreams of glory on the big screen. That was how Jessica Lange made it to the big time. Unfortunately for her, those early pretty face endeavors were the means by which some attempted to shatter her big screen...

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