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Hailee Steinfeld rocked out with her abs out for EW's PopFest

It feels like just yesterday when we were celebrating the fact that the talented kid actress from TRUE GRIT was turning 18, but in about a month's time, Hailee Steinfeld will be leaving those teen years behind when she turns 20. There haven't been any LiLo slipups, nor have we seen any stays booked at the "exhaustion" clinic, which all bodes well for this singing thespian. Hailee was at...
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Emma Roberts was popping out of her dress at the Popfest

I'm not sure what Entertainment Weekly's Popfest event is for. No doubt it's some sort of promotional thing for celebs to come out and talk about whatever they're doing. The important thing to know about Emma Roberts' time at this event was her interpretation of what being at an event like this entailed, namely the opportunity to pop one's boobs out of her dress. It seemed like a few...
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Brenda Song was a leggy little flower at EW's pre-Emmy party

I'm excited that we're going to get another chance to watch Brenda Song on TV again, in something that isn't Disney cheesy or Fox lame (did anyone else even bother to sit through more than one episode of "Dads," other than to watch her?). I've been surprised that Hollywood, especially that of the programming for the small screen, didn't take advantage of Song's beauty and comedic timing...
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Katheryn Winnick was the hot blonde belle of the SDCC 2016 ball

I can't be the only person who has long held a candle for Katheryn Winnick , holding out hope even as the news trickled in from Hall H over at San Diego Comic Con this year, believing that it was possible to still love Brie Larson but truly know in my heart that Winnick was the perfect Captain Marvel. Yes folks, we're settling for watching Kat continue to kick ass on her show, "Vikings,"...
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All the Game of Thrones hotties have Entertainment covered

We're a month away from Season 6 of Game of Thrones and they're already building up the hype. Seems they're really putting a lot of effort and energy into this season after last season proved to be such a disappointment. Besides being kind of a mess, it was also a terrible downer. Not that GoT was ever especially cheery, but damn, they did every miserable thing short of stomping...
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Jennifer Lawrence is the most entertaining of hotties

That's not just our assertion. It's also the decree of Entertainment Weekly this month, which featured a Jennifer spread in their mag praising the HUNGER GAMES hottie for all the great things she does. It seems audiences agree on that as well, what with her MOCKINGJAY PART 2 continuing to rule the box office weeks after its release. Even the likes of Pixar couldn't knock it out...
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Katie Cassidy was rad but Willa Holland was radder in leather at SDCC

Katie Cassidy is the best known hottie from the cast of "Arrow," and not just because of her previously famous daddy. Cassidy was the biggest female name when she was hired to take on the role of Laurel Lance on the CW superhero show but now that the program is rolling into its 5th season, the rest of the cast is starting to feel the love from fans. Willa Holland took her time on the...
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I can't wait to explore space on the power of Jessica Chastain's boobs

Lots of folks looking forward to the release of INTERSTELLAR in a few weeks. They've been playing that one beautifully as far as drumming up interest goes. The fact that it's Christopher Nolan is reason enough to get tons of fan boys going apeshit for this, but they went that extra mile with all the herculean efforts they've undertaken to keep the whole thing under wraps. That's given this...
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Jessica Alba getting wet in a bikini and showing butt is great entertainment

You can say a lot of things against Entertainment Weekly. You might even have some reservations about Jessica Alba . But you can't deny that both those parties came up with a great premise for selling magazines, which mostly consists of putting Jess in a bikini that shows off her ass and making that the cover of their latest issue that's exploring all things summer 2014 entertainment related....
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Michelle Rodriguez confirms that she's happy with the beef or tuna

In her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, FAST & FURIOUS star Michelle Rodriguez finally confirmed what most of us already pretty much knew - namely that she'd be down for either Mia or Dominic Toretto. That's probably one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, but it's nice that she doesn't feel like she has to avoid it anymore. While Michelle hasn't really spoken on the subject...
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I'm overloaded on Scarlett Johansson movie premiere hotness

God. I don't know what I'm gonna do. There was a time a few weeks ago where I hadn't heard too much from ol' Scarlett. I understood she was gorgeous, of course, but nothing could really prepare me for these last few days. About two weeks ago, I received a message from her saying, "I hope you're ready, big boy." I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw the myriad of pics from all...
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Michelle Rodriguez sure looks happy to be at San Diego's 2013 Comic Con

The shoe can hurt when it's on the other foot, but I suppose that mostly boils down to which shoes you're wearing. If they're a tight pair of leather boots, I wouldn't suggest it, but I don't think your bunny slippers will notice the difference. The smile on Michelle Rodrigez's face as she hit San Diego Comic Con to talk about her role in the October release, MACHETE KILLS, was, well,...
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