Hot or Not: Julianna Margulies

Years ago, when I was still young and spry, I got very sick with the flu. I can only remember a couple of other times that I'd gotten the flu and they were both when I got a flu shot and they both were worse than just contracting it the old-fashioned way. So during that time when I was couch-ridden, I started watching the reruns of what had been one of the most popular dramas of the...

Linda Cardellini is dramatically different

Linda Cardellini was at something called the Dramatically Different Party, hosted by some skin care company. It's an apropos name, as Linda is dramatically different compared to those olden days of the early 2000s. It does feel like a billion years ago sometimes, but it hasn't really been that long since she was playing Lindsay Weir on Freaks and Geeks or Nurse Taggart on ER. It wasn't hard...

Hot or Not: Callie Thorne

I am digging on the recent trend that is going down in Hollywood... while there will always be a new flood of young people sloshing down the entertainment channel, this uptake on casting actresses who have history and real age is feeling good. So let's look at one of them, an underrated actress... underrated hottie? Callie Thorne I like chick flicks just as much as any...

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