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I find great joy in Miranda Kerr's dimples

There's nothing like a gigantic smile on a woman to make me fall in love. Okay, having a big ol' booty and some nice boobies helps, but I'm trying to be a gentleman here. It's a good thing Miranda Kerr has all three of these things, as seeing her smile and look freaking good simultaneously brings a warm smile to my face and a warm fuzzy to my pants. Alright, I guess the whole...
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What's the source behind Stacy Keibler's radiant glow?

She might have been out walking the walk for the opening of the latest Escada flagship store in Berlin, where I don't think the weather's been all that great for getting a glowing tan, but that didn't stop Stacy Keibler from glowing in her demure white dress and toned-down hair color. While people debate about the status of the supposedly "on the rocks" relationship that the former wrestler...
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