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It's about time Audrina Patridge got a Me in My Place photoshoot

Out of all of the chicks who've appeared on MTV "reality" programming, I couldn't think of a single one other than Audrina Patridge to be featured in one of Esquire magazine's Me in My Place photoshoots. That doesn't mean that I'm a fan of ol' Ceiling Eyes and her bolt-ons, I just figured that Esquire would have gotten around to her sooner rather than...
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Esquire magazine names its Sexiest Woman Alive of 2013: Scarlett Johansson

Originally it wasn't the "Sexiest Woman Alive," just so you know. Esquire magazine didn't first start dubbing their annual November "Women We Love" issues as the SWA issues until 2005, when the periodical named Jessica Biel its inaugural top female. Then again, it also named the 2013 winner, Scarlett Johansson , its winner in 2006, back when she was the youngest...
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Melissa Rauch's bountiful bosom graces Esquire, creates a Big Bang for fans

There's something about Melissa Rauch that makes you overlook her elvish stature, helium pitched voice and... that's all I've got. Whenever I watch "The Big Bang Theory," I'm constantly impressed by just how pitch-perfect this little firecracker is. What would have been a small, fleeting role got turned into 1/3 the female equivalent that makes the show worth watching so many seasons in. If...
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Ana de la Reguera in Esquire Mexico es muy muy HAWT

I look at these pictures in the December issue of Esquire Mexico and I try to wrap my head around the fact that Ana de la Reguera doesn't get more work as an actress. She's gorgeous, for sure, but she's also a beaming light whenever she hits the screen, whether big (NACHO LIBRE, COP OUT, COWBOYS & ALIENS) or small (Eastbound & Down). Did you know that she was one of the people who ran the...
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