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BOTB Gosling's Gals: Emma Stone vs Eva Mendes vs Rachel McAdams

When it comes to money makers, you like 'em big. That is, you love the size of Katy Perry's chest so intensely that she ended up being your favorite in the match-up of the top paid ladies from each of the main entertainment fields. You might be boob guys but Ryan Gosling has long been seen as one of THE NICE GUYS , long before he made the movie that's getting released this week....
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The Top 10 Sexiest Women from Miami

For the people who are looking for a break from the serious awards season fodder or those who have had their local theater ban them from watching STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS for the 19,000th time, there's the sure to make money RIDE ALONG 2 , with the new generation's Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart. They decided to take the brothers-in-law (har har har, so damn witty...) to Miami for the sequel,...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Movie Hotties in Lingerie!

Since the late nineteenth century, visually appealing undergarments have played a pivotal role in the entertainment of humankind. Even before moving pictures existed, villagers and townsfolk would pay good coin to be teased by the high kicks of burlesque dancers, flashing their stockings and decorated pantyhose. Throughout many decades of cinema history, lingerie has...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Eva Mendes

We just featured a clip for Jessica Biel's birthday a couple of days ago, and it's already time to celebrate the birth of yet another hottie we all adore,  Eva Mendes ! Eva turns 41 today, which was a big surprise for me, to be quite honest. I'd thought Eva was barely in her mid-thirties, but I guess that serves as proof (once again) that some hotties just...
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Face Off: Eva Mendes vs. Jessica Biel

Some folks were adamant about their appreciation for Margot Robbie in last week's Face Off . Unfortunately for them, being adamant wasn't enough, as more of you agreed with me that Olivia Wilde was the hotter hottie between the two of them. So there you go. Both Eva Mendes and Jessica Biel are celebrating birthdays this week. Eva turns 41, Jessica 33. They're not spring chickens...
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BOTB MILF Latina Edition: Eva Mendes vs Jennifer Lopez vs Salma Hayek

Seems like when it comes to chicks in wedding flicks, you're all about the Isla Fisher (although there was an apparently unknown to me option of goat f*cking, so eh...?) out of the three choices from last week. Now that we're entering the more exciting portion of January film releases, what with this week having an unfunny looking Johnny Depp comedy, a non-Pixar animated film and a...
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BOTB Neo-Noir Hotties: Eva Mendes vs Marisa Tomei vs Michelle Monaghan

When it comes to hitwomen, it seems as if the DOMINO talents of Keira Knightley are hard to best, based on your responses from last week. As much as women who fight are supreme in their field, those who know when to drop their lashes and look at you through the sultry filter are pretty swell too. In honour of the release of NIGHTCRAWLER this week, here are a few of the actresses from...
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Exclusive Video: A Tribute to Stacked Hotties

"Who doesn't love tits?", as Leonardo Dicaprio once said whilst portraying Howard Hughes in THE AVIATOR. There's a short list of moments in a given day that wouldn't be greatly improved with a tasty set of cans, and I'm not talking about chicken soup. While we firmly appreciate celebrity racks of all shapes and sizes at MovieHotties, today we'll...
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Eva Mendes has an insanely gorgeous collection of body parts

Ah, Eva Mendes … Talk about a hottie we don't see nearly enough of. It's too bad, too, especially since I typically enjoy most of the stuff she's in and think she's a fairly talented lady (not to mention she's a super fox). I guess she's out doing bigger and better things like promoting her line of clothes and fine items of the sort, which is exactly what...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Sexiest Driving Hotties From Movies!

Cars and hotties. They go together like nuts and bolts. Plenty to love about a fine automobile - almost as much as a fine hottie. Things get even better when said hotties climb into the driver's seat, like those we feature in our latest 6-pack list. These sexy ladies represent some of the hottest babes ever to get behind the wheel. See who made the list below! And as always,...
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It's St. Patrick's Day, so here's a whole bunch of hotties in green!

Our favorite annual excuse for getting belligerently drunk on a weeknight is finally here. That's right, kiddos, it's St. Patrick's Day! What was once intended to be an important religious holiday is now generally celebrated with two key ingredients: alcohol and the color green. And on this, the holiest of days, we here at MovieHotties like to have a little fun with that...
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TGIFs: 10 Girls Next Door (Exclusive)

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Surely, you all have dates, right? Well, if not, here are 10 gorgeous movie gals you can spy on right from your bedroom window! Typically, TGIFs is a device we use to celebrate our favorite movie hotties with animated images, usually with a classy theme, like up-skirt shots or girls kissing each other . This week, in honor of the most romantic fake...
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