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Eva Mendes sports some beautiful, blue jeans butt

Eva Mendes was out doing some shit the other day, stuffing her ass into the sexy blue jeans. There are so many fine-assed women running around Hollywood, it's easy to overlook a few choice cuts of butt steak like Eva. Then again, such oversights are understandable, considering how little I see of her around the old cineplex. I think the last time I saw her in anything was that credits scene...

Check out Eva Mendes's big, shiny balloons

Get it?!?! Okay, I know that at first glance this story probably seems like an excuse to write lazy balloon-related innuendo in the headline (and it totally is), but perhaps it's ALSO an excuse to look at some hot pictures of Eva Mendes . It's the least we could do, seeing how we spaced out on her birthday on March 5th. She's knocking on forty's door at 39-years-old now, and still...

Does Eva Mendes still do anything for ya'?

Of all the hotties I never thought I'd get bored of over the years, I'm flustered to say, Eva Mendes has really been letting me down lately. This year, the few times she's been featured here weren't particularly awesome comebacks. In fact, this appearance from Eva at the AFI premiere of HOLY MOTORS is one of her best of 2012, and she still looks like she was just hit by a truck. Don't get...

Has Eva Mendes lost her mojo?

How could this have happened? I used to have such a thing for Eva Mendes   and now she does close to nothing for me. Could it be that after many hours of scouring for hot pieces of ass, Eva doesn't even make my top 30 anymore? I won't believe it! I can't believe it! I shan't believe it! And she's still beautiful, too, which is what makes it so frustrating when all she wears is old...

ScreenCaps: Salma Hayek & Eva Mendes

Salma Hayek & Eva Mendes I really wish ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO was a better movie. It's the continuation of one of my favorite action films of all time (DESPERADO) and stars two of the hottest woman I will ever lay eyes on. Mediocrity was not an option. Oh, well. I also threw in some shots from THE OTHER GUYS just for shits and giggles. Enjoy.

Hottie Clip of the Day: Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is easily one of the hottest chicks in Hollywood. You ask anyone if they dig Eva Mendes and they're going to say yes. It's as simple as that. Not only is she smoking out but she seems cool as shite too. That's why today I've decided to use this sexy clip of Mendes walking around in lingerie from the flick THE WOMEN for today's Hottie Clip of the Day. Sure this flick is...

Eva Mendes looks great stuffing her carpet

Ryan Gosling is a lucky bastard. So is Jason Sudeikis. Actually, anyone who ever got remotely close to Eva Mendes and her shapely self is far too lucky on this planet, and they must be cut off from draining the world's resources of pleasure. Gosling finally detached her hip from his so she could go to Diamond Foam & Fabric and thanks to that, here she is all by her lonesome, looking...

Eva Mendes is the HOTTIE OF THE MONTH for May 2012

Our guy Seth Gecko has put together another fine retrospective in celebration of our Hottie of the Month for May, Eva Mendes. Check out what Seth has to say about this sexy, Latin hottie below. And congrats, Eva!

ScreenCaps: Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch If there was ever a woman hot beyond her years it was Raquel Welch. She was 2012 hot before we even understood what that was. She's like Carmen Electra and Eva Mendes rolled into one incredibly fantastic piece of ass. Check her out below in the original BEDAZZLED and FATHOM. Expect another one of these when I can get my hands on more of her films.

Battle of the Babes #200: Will Ferrell's Babes

Will Ferrell is a champion at taking a simple joke and going over the top with it. Seems to be no different with his latest movie CASA DE MI PADRE in which he speaks some pretty abysmal Spanish for laughs. The other thing Will is phenomenally good at is getting hot chicks to be his female co-stars. Here are but three of them to choose from in this week's battle. Anna Friel...

Genesis Rodriguez is red hot for JimmyO

I might be exaggerating just a little bit when it comes to the headline of this article, but I think that if you follow JimmyO's Twitter long enough, you'll notice that all the hot babes in Hollywood, from the smokin' Genesis Rodriguez of the upcoming CASA DE MI PADRE to Eva Mendes and Amber Heard. The man has met them all and been cuddled by most because yes, our resident studmeister on...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Stuck on You

Eva Mendes sports huge cleavage in a bikini - STUCK ON YOU CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF OUR PREVIOUS “HOTTIE CLIPS OF THE DAY”

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