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BOTB Dragon Babes: Bryce Dallas Howard vs Emilia Clarke vs Evangeline Lilly

While it was a clear win for SUICIDE SQUAD at the box office last weekend, deciding which of the Kats was hottest seemed to be too big of a decision for tender-hearted souls. Based on those who commented, it looks as if Katharine McPhee is the most popular but there was no shortage of love for Dennings or Graham. While I could have you pick which food-named hottie was the most delish,...
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Face Off: Morena Baccarin vs. Evangeline Lilly

It didn't come as much of a surprise to see Alexandra Daddario defeat Kelly Brook in last week's Face Off . She's at the top of many hottie lists right now - sort of like Kelly was not too long ago. Going with Ms. Brook must then make me sentimental. So be it. Kelly is nowhere near past it yet. We have another potentially problematic non-MCU Marvel movie coming up this week....
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BOTB Comic Book Movie Fresh Meat: Evangeline Lilly vs Margot Robbie vs Gal Gadot

I wanted to throw a hard one at you last week, see if you were up to the task of picking a rightful villainess for the MINIONS to follow once they'd offed Scarlett Overkill but most of you were simply turned off by the bad girl options. This week, in honor of what I suspect will be the summer's biggest box office bomb (sorry, I do love Paul Rudd but is anyone really buzzing to go see...
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Hottie Clip: Evangeline Lilly in "Lost"

It's safe to say just about everyone is gearing up to see  Evangeline Lilly   mimic Bryce Dallas Howard's hairdo in ANT-MAN this weekend. Sure, there are certainly other reasons to be excited for the movie, but the inclusion of Lilly has held three quarters of my interest since the moment it was announce. That's how serious(ly ill) I am about hotties,...
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Evangeline Lilly fashions herself sexy for her fellow canucks

Beloved elf and Canadian hottie Evangeline Lilly has got herself yet another sexy magazine spread for her home country's premiere fashion mag, appropriately titled Fashion. I'm most fond of that partially see thru silver number she's wearing in this spread. It makes her look like a sexy tea set, in a good way. I'm almost always down for what Eva's got going, so I'll probably go see...
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Evangeline Lilly smokes and strokes keys in her underwear for Esquire

What did you folks think of that HOBBIT finale? I was rather underwhelmed. Seemed pretty obvious by the second half that they had stretched the story about as taut as they could, forcing them to rely on a ton of CGI filler and corny LOTR references to act as half-ass links between the two trilogies. At least Evangeline Lilly looked pretty good. I'm going to miss the look of her with that...
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Evangeline Lilly is one of the brighter stars to appear at the Walk of Fame

I just don't know how to feel about these new HOBBIT movies. Needless to say, I'm still a massive fan of the original trilogy, but even since the first flick came out, I felt such a sense of apathy about it. The fact that they're extending such a small children's book into three sweeping three hour epics (alright, so the last one is only, like, two and a half hours) and have...
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The Top Ten Hottest Wartime Babes

There might be something seriously wrong with me. Unless there are other people who see certain movies getting released and hope that they fail miserably at the box office, I might just be a bad person wishing ill on the rich Hollywood people who keep churning out the same crap all the time. There's a lot of positive hype out there for FURY but I can't see past the casting of Shia LeBeouf and...
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Evangeline Lilly shows some leg and drops some F-bombs in Nylon Guys

You might not guess it to look at Evangeline Lilly or even venture the estimation based on her mild-mannered Canadian roots, but the former star of "Lost" and current babe in THE HOBBIT movies has quite the trucker's mouth on her. In her interview with Nylon Guys magazine, Lilly acquiesces what it was like for her to grow up being greeted by modeling and acting agents who...
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Sexiest Hottie Movie Characters of 2013!

If you're here, chances are you have a fondness for movies, or perhaps even more so, a fondness for hotties. We like to keep tabs on all sorts of hot actresses and their public appearances, photoshoots, etc., but we rarely ever get to focus on the characters they play in the movies. Who are these characters? They have personalities too, y'know? There were a lot of memorable hottie roles for...
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Evangeline Lilly has the best butt ever?

Hmmm, really? Evangeline Lilly has the best ass ever? Like, in all of history? As Vincent Vega once said, "that's a bold statement." After all, I hear Joan of Arc and Cleopatra had incredible asses. Jokes aside, this cover really pissed off Evangeline when she heard about its backside ovations. Apparently Eva thought she was posing for magazine about the health of women and instead got...
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Hottie Report Card: Evangeline Lilly

Now that the release of THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG is finally apon us, it also gives me the opportunity to grade former "Lost" hottie  Evangeline Lilly . I'm actually quite excited to do this, as I was a fan of that show... until the whole "time-travel" thing, and the whole "everything else after". Still, I was a dedicated viewer for a...
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