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Katharine McPhee sings the praises of her new magazine spread

They certainly took their time in putting together a celebratory event for Katharine McPhee and her Ocean Drive spread. We posted Kat's full spread almost a month ago. I'm not sure why they're just now getting around to promoting it, but in the end it doesn't really matter. What's important is this gave Katharine an excuse to show up with a dress which did an excellent job of...
4 days ago
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Another week, another chance for Ariel Winter to show off her boobs

It's getting to the point where I'm becoming more familiar with Ariel Winter's boobs than certain close people in my life. Which is fine, because if there was anything more deserving of getting used to and affectionate toward, it's Ariel's massive rack. Speaking of massiveness, I could swear her boobs have started to grow again, in seeming defiance of her attempt at surgically holding them...
5 days ago
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Chloe Moretz is here for the laughs and the nipple piercings

It would seem magazine parties are nothing but a barrel of laughs, based on the giggles Chloe Moretz and her bud Zoey Deutch were having at this Harper's Bazaar event. These pics remind me of those super annoying Facebook posts your friend makes where everyone is just so goddamn giddy and happy out having their fun together, while you were sitting home alone twiddling your thumbs,...
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Danielle Campbell's power shines bright in her pretty face

Variety's "Power of Hollywood" event brought out a whole bunch of powerfully hot women to celebrate the idea of beautiful women being celebrated. Yes, these are pretty much just stroke fests for the famous. But that's okay, since we enjoy stroking them. It's like petting a cat. Both parties are getting something out of that, provided they don't go insane and claw your hand to shreds for no...
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You again, Ariel Winter? You just can't stop bringing the boobs, can you?

I wonder how long it's going to take for me to stop wondering what events like Ariel Winter's Variety event boob show would be like, had she not had those things reduced. Just imagine the sheer girth. They're already massive now, so I can only assume the original Ariel titties would have been rivaling Hendricks titty shows at this point. You remember those, with the pushed out cleavage so...
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Morena Baccarin shows off some of her new mommy curves

Morena Baccarin has spent the last few months basking in her new mommy lifestyle. As good as that is for her, the inevitable call of the famous hottie lifestyle and career calls. Thus her appearance at this event in her sexy purple number. Looks like she's still working on taking off her baby weight - not that it matters. I'm sure she'll have all that taken care of by the next DEADPOOL...
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Krysten Ritter was happy to be glammed up in a sexy red dress

We've seen a lot of Krysten Ritter since Jessica Jones premiered last year. Press conferences, premieres, red carpet events, sidewalks, beaches - they've all been sources for Krysten imagery. Something I've noticed in that 7 or 8 month span is how her demeanor has changed. Time was any Krysten imagery was bound to feature her doing a kind of Morticia Addams thing, looking all...
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Rose McIver was making everyone think about undoing her buttons

I sometimes feel a little guilty getting all ravenous over Rose McIver here, doing the requisite Upfront events just like practically every other TV actor as of late. She's just so adorable and sweet. I almost don't want to sully her with any vulgar descriptions of my basest thoughts and feelings. Almost. Let's face it, the button down dress with the little flashes of skin and the absent...
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Get ready for Civil War with yet another set of Elizabeth Olsen pics

Fandango is already reporting record numbers for Captain America: Civil War pre orders – the time has come. There will be many, myself included, who will attend Marvel's Super Smash Bros. sneak preview this evening. I honestly don't know why the official opening release day for big-budget blockbusters isn't Thursday night; I can't remember the last time I...
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We'll take any Milana Vayntrub pics we can get

We post a lot of hot women around here. Many famous faces and beloved bodies strut their stuff around these parts on a regular basis. Yet despite everything those women have going for them, be it huge success in film, television, music, or modelling, few of them elicit as much honest to goodness love and adoration as Milana Vayntrub does for me. If you're not familiar with Milana, just...
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Katy Perry cheers up cancer patients by wearing her leather with just a touch of lace

It was real nice of Katy Perry to get dressed up all sexy with her leather and lace dress for this cancer center event thing. However, if the pop icon and terrific titty owner really wanted to help out some cancer patients, she'd take her tight dress bod over to the actual cancer ward. I'm sure if I was laid up in hospital with some shitty cancer diagnosis, getting a close up, in...
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Kat Graham always brings the sexy

Dependable, reliable, staunch, unfailing, steadfast; all words that would use when describing the always gorgeous, Kat Graham , and her relentless dedication to never looking anything less than super sexy. If you're already an admirer of hers, I'm not telling you anything you don't know. But for the uninitiated, this curvy queen makes even her comfort clothes into sexy garb;...
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