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Sofia Vergara is our Hottie of the Month for September 2014!

Another month, another accompanying hottie to get us through it, and this time around it's Sofia Vergara . Sure, her voice may be as obnoxious as her body, but Sofia has easily and seamlessly made her way into deserving the title "movie hottie". While other actors have their struggles finding the right role to let them shine, Sofia has been shining for nearly two decades...
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Hot or Not: Vanessa Paradis

in FADING GIGOLO , we're supposed to believe that 78-year old Woody Allen has what it takes to work within the professional Don Juan world. Whatever you believe about Allen, I still think that concept is difficult to swallow. Whether or not this week's Hot or Not selection is a babe might be a more difficult call. Vanessa Paradis While she's certainly popular in her...
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Sofia Vergara jiggles for Gigolo

Busty Latin princess Sofia Vergara is currently filming a new movie called FADING GIGOLO, which has a rather interesting pedigree. Directed by John Turturro, it stars Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Sofia and tells the story of a guy who becomes a gigolo to help his broke friend Murray (played by Allen) and also brings in his friend Murray to be his pimp/manager and then I guess hijinks...
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