Model Anais Zanotti does very cheeky workouts

Yeah, I have no idea who Anais Zanotti is either. From what I can determine from a few seconds of Google searching, she's one of an ever-growing crowd of models on the modelling scene. We've featured her a couple times in our Bikini Roundups, but I've never seen anything she's done professionally. Not that any of that matters for someone sporting a rump as nice as hers. Very nice of her to...
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Would you tap that? (Farrah Abraham)

I take back all the shit I talked about how MTV should have never had "Remote Control" on the air because it was the death knell for the fumbling video music site. Only difference between that show and what's currently be aired on the network is that they both had/have annoying sidekicks (Sorry Kari Wuhrer). For "Jersey Shore" it's any of the bitches who aren't Snooki or J-Woww. For "Teen Mom"...
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Leilani Dowding enjoys mounting her white stud and riding him bareback style

Alright, that's probably a mare, but you get the joke. The truly funny part of these pics is how silly the premise behind them is. Once again, we're supposed to believe this is all impromptu. Come on, folks. People like Leilani Dowding here just need to own up to their eagerness to fashion fame out of very little at all. It's okay. I'm perfectly willing to post the pics you have taken of...
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Vanessa Hudgens is looking hot and is ready to wrestle!

Vanessa Hudgens is looking to be everywhere these days. It's not like I'm getting annoyed; I think it's a great thing. Girl seems like she isn't going anywhere for a while and that's okay because in all honesty, she's only going to get hotter and hotter and hotter. Anyway, here she is showing off that sexy little smirk of hers over at the WWE SummerSlam VIP Party....
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Sophie Turner unleashes her impossible ass in a gold, string bikini

It's a little awkward now when I see something with Sophie Turner in it. Not because my feelings have changed about her. I still think she's a rather healthy piece of ass. It's just that we've got another famous Sophie Turner out there now who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. She's like 15 or something and is very sweet and pretty but still very much untouchable. So now when someone...
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You like big-assed, fake-looking, cornrowed twins? Then you'll like the Shannon Sisters

What the hell is it with twins? Double the fun? Some twisted fantasy in the heterosexual male mind that finds cajoling sisters into getting it on with each other endlessly fascinating? Whatever is happening there, it endures even with the likes of Kristina and Karissa Shannon, despite their obvious drawbacks as fake, skanky-looking delinquents. These two have done every scuzzy thing from...
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It looks like Sophie Turner's ass is trying to get away

By the look of these pics of Sophie Turner out doing whatever she does, it would seem whatever mysterious process she uses to get her ass so preternaturally buoyant has gone a bit too far. I might be wrong, but I think an ass isn't supposed to jut up and outward like that for anyone figured securely on their feet in a normal gravity environment. Normally you only see that kind of lift on...
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Sophie Turner, something, something, ass, something, something

No clever titles required. When Sophie Turner shows up, you know what you're going to get - ass, and plenty of it. Even when she's doing the relatively mundane task of paying for parking or strolling through the park, you still get tons of ass wrapped up tight in sexy shit. Girl probably went in for her many surgeries wearing a thong and 6-inch pumps. Obvious attempts at sexual arousal...
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Even more Gemma Arterton hottness from Marrakech

The Marrakech film festival wrapped up this weekend, but not before giving Gemma Arterton one last shot at looking hot. You might remember how she knocked it out of the park with her hotness at the start of this thing. Only right that they let her wrap things up in similar style. Looking at her in that dress, I can't help but be torn. On one hand, I adore her fantastic curves. On the other...
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