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Salma Hayek goes to a photoshoot, almost falls out of dress

When you're Sofia Vergara and you go to the beach in a bikini, odds are good that you're going to be falling out of your top. When you're Salma Hayek going to a chic photoshoot, the last thing your fans expect is for them to soak you in a pool and have you struggle out, nearly losing your famous chest from its expensive frock in the process. I'm not sure which magazine was employing Hayek...
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Liz McClarnon has some quite nice Atomic Kittens

I am feeling as if the Spice Girls were not the end of the British Girl Group Apocalypse. All of a sudden, everywhere you look these days, there's The Saturdays or now, Atomic Kitten, a trio of British babes who sing songs that no one pays attention to because two of the members are super hot babes. If they had dressed more scantily back in the 1990's, I'd venture to refer to Atomic Kitten as...
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