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Lily Collins amps up the sultry for her shoot with Malibu Magazine

Get ready for the return of Lily Collins . After breaking out and showing off her skills all over in 2012-13, it seemed as if Phil's daughter had dropped off the map for a bit. Sure, we'd see her in magazines or at red carpet special charity events, but the roles had dried up after THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES failed to do the sizable box office that Katniss and crew...
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Hailey Baldwin & her cute belly button went shopping in Beverly Hills

I suppose we could do a toe-to-toe, battle to the death over which of the elder Baldwin daughter offspring is the sexiest, Hailey Baldwin or Ireland Baldwin but everyone would just end up happy in the end and nobody wants a bunch of happy Schmoes in this world, sending out positive vibes and joy. We rely on angst and irritation, perhaps that this fine, fierce blonde daughter of Stephen has...
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Zoey Deutch is the gorgeous apple that didn't fall far from her mom's hot tree

The great part about VAMPIRE ACADEMY failing so miserably last year is that it didn't kill Hollywood's interest in making Lea Thompson's little girl a big star. Zoey Deutch has a whopping 7 big projects coming up for 2016, with everything from the Robert De Niro raunchy comedy DIRTY GRANDPA due out at the end of next month to WHY HIM?, the latest movie from I LOVE YOU, MAN director John...
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Don't complain about Rumer Willis' face, just look at her ass

I don't understand all the whining about how Rumer Willis is supposedly a butterface or ugly or whatever creative adjective you want to come up with to demean her looks. I don't see all that big of a problem with Demi & Bruce's girl other than the fact that she's got a strong jawline like her father. When you look like your dad, why do you want to try and change that? Especially when your pop...
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Battle of the Babes New Generation Edition: Dylan Penn vs Jane Carrey vs Zoey Deutch

Last week there was no love for Zoe Kravitz, as she was shut out from surviving the Battle of the Apocalypse Babes when she went up against Rinko Kikuchi and Saoirse Ronan, who tied for first place. Guess it's hard to pick when there's the end of the world in your face. So let's start over for this new year by looking at a few of the most beautiful faces from a new generation of hotties...
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Lovely Zoey Deutch lights up the pages of Afterglow magazine

Daughter of popular 1980's megahottie, Lea Thompson , 19-year old Zoey Deutch definitely is doing her best in filling in her mother's footsteps as she continues to wade herself through the crazy waters of Hollywood famous offspring antics. After showing that she had the right look in this year's BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, Zoey is tackling another young adult fiction novel series adaptation in 2014...
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These fine bikini babes are the daughters of which famous actor/comedian?

There is a good reason why Shayne & Bria have a dad who keeps making some really crappy movies as of late. Not only does he have a lot of money to pay to their mother but they've turned out well enough that you can't have babes like this vacationing any place other than Hawaii and most definitely not in Walmart bikinis. (Not that there's anything wrong with Walmart bikinis if you look good in...
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