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Let us not overlook Scarlett Johansson's Oscars tattooed sideboob

It makes sense that Scarlett Johansson would have a tattoo of a rose underneath her left breast - after all, she named her daughter Rose. It still doesn't explain that time back in 2012 when she decided to get one of the ugliest tattoos ever to the side of her right breast. I would love to know which stupid tattoo artist (and it's a struggle to even call them that, the lack of talent...
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Tanya Mityushina slips us a little something extra at John Wick 2 premiere

Well, hello there, Tanya Mityushina ! At the red carpet premiere of JOHN WICK 2 the beautiful model made the bold decision to wear a silky PJs-looking long jacket and shorts without a shirt or any underthings, which results in us getting a peek at her nipple when she turned to the side. It's not as if Tanya has no experience with nudity, she IS a model, after all, and marketing the body is...
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Kate Beckinsale's simple elegance wowed at the London Critics Circle

Leave it to Kate Beckinsale to wear a kimono-style dress that's essentially just a fancy muumuu robe and still look like a million bucks. For the 2017 London Critics Circle Film Festival, the UNDERWORLD star showed off some tanned cleavage and a bit of leg while she smiled for the cameras, soaking up the love that people have for her even if they can't be bothered to spend much money going...
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Alyssa Milano dusted off her golden globes for an after party

So many of you Schmoes grew up on the greatness that is Alyssa Milano , whether you're older and appreciated her as a teenager on Who's the Boss? or a bit younger and spent your time ogling her financial investments on Charmed . However, in more recent years the only way we got to see her magical pair was in Instagram pictures and that was with a kid's head in the way....
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Jessica Alba rubs her beautiful elbows with fellow richies at store opening

Every so often I wonder what it must be like to live in a world with means unlimited enough to have chance encounters with famous people. All I keep thinking is that if I were that rich, I don't know if I would take time out of my day to visit luxury French bakeries, although I suppose I could be persuaded to if Jessica Alba was there. And if I were rich enough to be there, I might even...
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Gemma Atkinson ditches the bikini for a little red carpet flair

We're far more accustomed to seeing Gemma Atkinson striding through the ocean or lounging poolside in a bikini than we are with her all gussied up for special events like this one she attended for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards earlier this week. After all, when you have a body that looks like this , why wouldn't you want it to be in as little clothing as possible? I almost...
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Ryan Newman looks like a schoolgirl up to no good at the King & I premiere

I started picking up pictures of this lovely young lady, Ryan Newman just this year, from her 18th birthday party back in April to her numerous publicity events for the release of the latest SHARKNADO movie, including looking killer at San Diego Comic Con over the summer. She's not in our faces as often as Bella Thorne or Ariel Winter but I think there's a certain something special about...
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Katie Holmes had a lot gorgeous glamour at the All We Had premiere in NYC

I find myself wishing that Katie Holmes had never gotten involved with Tom Cruise. I'm sure she doesn't, considering that she was in love with the guy and got a beautiful daughter out of the relationship, but I kinda hate that she was onto something reaching for special when he came along into her life. I remember thinking that she was brave for going topless in THE GIFT, when people were...
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Supergirl Melissa Benoist gets couture for the New York Post

Melissa Benoist seems to agree with the first thing I thought when I heard she was cast to play Supergirl . In her interview with the New York Post, Melissa describes herself as being a musical theater nerd and that it took 3 months of auditioning and dying her hair blonde to get the producers to see her as a viable Kara. "I don't think of myself as that tough, kick-ass, badass woman,"...
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Red hot Selena Gomez is back & shining on the AMA red carpet

Selena Gomez has been taking it easy for a few month, regaining her strength from her ongoing battle with Lupus, but she was back in finer than fine form for the American Music Awards, looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the red carpet in a simple bright red frock that highlighted her petite frame. While at the awards, Gomez took home the Favorite Female Artist honors and gave a passionate...
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Lily Collins amps up the sultry for her shoot with Malibu Magazine

Get ready for the return of Lily Collins . After breaking out and showing off her skills all over in 2012-13, it seemed as if Phil's daughter had dropped off the map for a bit. Sure, we'd see her in magazines or at red carpet special charity events, but the roles had dried up after THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES failed to do the sizable box office that Katniss and crew...
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Gillian Anderson is Harper's Bazaar's TV icon & our everlasting hottie icon

Since the um, more well-seasoned, hotties have been showing off their lack of decrepitude on red carpets around the world, I figured the more the merrier. Gillian Anderson was one of the other hotties in attendance at the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Award, the same one where Emma Watson showed other hotties how to dress tactfully for Halloween , but Gillian was honored with the...
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