We should campaign to get Katy Perry into more tight t-shirts

She's had blue hair and green hair and rubber dresses and funky shoes, probably doing more with her image while still keeping a running theme, but it's the long black hair, dramatic classic colored makeup that I prefer best on Katy Perry . The look that the singer was rocking when she and fellow pop singer, Miley Cyrus visited the campus at the University of Las Vegas this past weekend was...
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Lady Gaga beats the heat by ditching her bra & rocking some cutoffs

I'm pleasantly surprised that two episodes into season six of "American Horror Story," I have a good feeling about things. Not only are the tapping into the greatness that is Cuba Gooding Jr (sorry, I'm not sorry that I love that dude and his wild range) but it's starting to feel legitimately spooky once again. I wasn't a fan of Lady Gaga in season 5, the "Hotel" version, mainly because it...
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Kristen Bell is the sweetest Bad Mom on the red carpet

Kristen Bell has always been a little sugar cube of babeliciousness but dolling up in an adorable yellow dress for the red carpet premiere of her latest movie, BAD MOMS only adds to her sweetness. Bell has been talking a bit about her marriage, finally sharing wedding pictures after having wed longtime beau, actor Dax Shepard, in 2013. If there's a Hollywood couple that I love to follow,...
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One perk of a Selena Gomez meet & greet is snuggling up to her braless boobs

I really have to hand it to Selena Gomez for being so friendly and close with her fans after her Revival Tour shows. I know this is the standard thing now for many a celeb performer. They can't just run off the stage, duck into a limo, and drive away anymore. Nah, the fans demand more than that. They want to reach and out touch them for some selfies they'll never look at again. Unlike some...
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Face Off: Star Wars Fan Edition - Emma Stone vs. Anna Kendrick

Karen Gillan had the redhead fans on her side, as opposed to Sophie Turner in our previous Face Off . Tough one, but as things go now, I really enjoy Karen. She seems like a fun, enjoyable person. Sophie I don't know quite as well, but still hope to get to know better in years to come. Well, here we are folks. Only days away from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. It sure has been a...
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Demi Lovato looks as good in clothes as she does out of them

Demi Lovato has definitely been making a splash lately. From that nude, unaltered Vanity Fair spread (which I have to call minor bullshit on because while she looks pretty damn natural, there's always a *little* touching up, lighting tricks, etc) to her upcoming appearance as the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend in support of her latest album, Confident, Demi has been...
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Jessica Chastain refrains from more fashion faux pas at Crimson Peak screening

That W Magazine photoshoot from earlier this week gave me a bigger spook than any ghost movie ever could, with its feature on the normally lovely Jessica Chastain casting her in a garish light. With the week of promotional appearances for CRIMSON PEAK giving her a chance to make up for that, Chastain has gone into hottie overdrive, wearing a tight turquoise dress for her "Today Show"...
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Quantico's Priyanka Chopra was one hot sex bomb for Kimmel

I already deal with my fill of implausibility when I make the decision to tune into "Scorpion" every week (yeah, blame me for making that show popular, I don't mind). So I didn't make the time to tune into "Quantico," the FBI show from ABC focusing on the take down of terrorists. But I will always make time for a woman as drop dead gorgeous as Priyanka Chopra , who made a leggy arrival at the...
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Selena Gomez goes bareback for her French fans

She's been all over recently, showing off skin left and right but I think that this backless white dress that Selena Gomez wore when exiting a recording studio in Paris, France over the weekend is my favorite so far. The singer is apparently doing some work at Studio Ferber, although whether that's new tracks for an album or more vocal work for other animated films is unclear to me. Her...
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New York Fashion Week attendees go Looney for Rita Ora's curves

I'm going to wager a guess that Rita Ora isn't the brightest bulb in the Broadway backstage mirror but the girl at least knows exactly how to work what she's got. While on the east coast for some tour dates, Rita stopped by at New York Fashion Week, decked out in a leather Looney Toons jacket that appeared to have no lingerie or other garments on under it. Ora was on hand for the Jeremy...
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Maitland Ward's bosoms bloom in her Poison Ivy cosplay for Long Beach Comic Con

I hesitate to refer to Maitland Ward as white trash. She seems to be doing just fine for herself despite the fact that there are no new entries on her acting resume. There has to be a good chunk of change coming in from someplace in order for her to be able to afford attending all of these Cons, dressed in a huge number of cosplay costumes. Then again, she's cutting corners at the Long...
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Tasty Rita Ora was a colorful rainbow on the X-Factor red carpet

I guess X-Factor is still going strong in the UK, even if it seems as if the winners of the talent search aren't heard from after they're crowned. At least, as far as us Yanks are concerned. So far, the highlight of this show is figuring out who they're going to bring on as their pop culture judges. This year they're adding Rita Ora to the mix, a great choice if only for us fans who love to...
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