Emma Stone has gotta buy five copies of the new Rolling Stone

I don't know what they're getting at with the headline on this month's issue of Rolling Stone. Are they flashing back to 2007 when Emma Stone actually was born into stardom. Has there been a lingering doubt about Emma's star status for the last decade? I don't think so. Is that some LA LA LAND reference? I don't have the answers to these questions. Dumb headlines aside, Emma's spread here...
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Miranda Kerr is hot enough to cook an egg in this month's V Magazine

Miranda Kerr has a new farm-themed spread in V Magazine this month, looking like some sort of sexy forest nymph with an expensive wardrobe and job doing farm chores. Speaking of farms, they do seem to be the new thing for high profile, on location fashion photo shoots. We saw this one involving Katy Perry a few months back. Now Miranda is in on the barn house hotness. I'm much more...
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Katy Perry takes a roll in ze hay in Vogue USA

There's a immense range of fantasies going through my mind as I look at Katy Perry being her usual sultry, stylish self on a farm out in the country. Could she be the farmers daughter? The producer of milk? Or perhaps even a professional chicken-choker? The list goes on and on. Of course, I feel guilty making Katy the subject of my depraved fantasies yet again, especially when all she's...
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