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Top 10 Celebrity Train Wrecks of 2013

It was a banner year for celebrities making asses out of themselves or just outright crashing and burning. It's a phenomenon we will surely see more of in years to come as attention spans steadily shrink and more and more spectacle is required of celebs just to keep people's interest. With such an insane life, occasionally a few celebs just snap. Some find endless riches in being dumbasses....

Would you tap that? (Farrah Abraham)

I take back all the shit I talked about how MTV should have never had "Remote Control" on the air because it was the death knell for the fumbling video music site. Only difference between that show and what's currently be aired on the network is that they both had/have annoying sidekicks (Sorry Kari Wuhrer). For "Jersey Shore" it's any of the bitches who aren't Snooki or J-Woww. For "Teen Mom"...

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