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Red hot Selena Gomez is back & shining on the AMA red carpet

Selena Gomez has been taking it easy for a few month, regaining her strength from her ongoing battle with Lupus, but she was back in finer than fine form for the American Music Awards, looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the red carpet in a simple bright red frock that highlighted her petite frame. While at the awards, Gomez took home the Favorite Female Artist honors and gave a passionate...
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Lily Collins amps up the sultry for her shoot with Malibu Magazine

Get ready for the return of Lily Collins . After breaking out and showing off her skills all over in 2012-13, it seemed as if Phil's daughter had dropped off the map for a bit. Sure, we'd see her in magazines or at red carpet special charity events, but the roles had dried up after THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES failed to do the sizable box office that Katniss and crew...
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Eva Longoria sizzles in a wet & sexy photoshoot for Ocean Drive magazine

I don't know what it was about Eva Longoria that bugged me when she was celebrating the height of success on Desperate Housewives , but there were things written, rumours whispered and eventually, I just got a sour taste in my mouth whenever I would see her grinning too big on the red carpet. Perhaps it was because her character on the show was so highly unlikable (I did try to watch a...
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Heather Graham was the sexiest vampire in Milano this weekend

There are people who look as if they're aging gracefully and then there's Heather Graham , who looks exactly the same as she did when BOWFINGER was released back in 1999. This woman is 46-years old, allegedly . I have to explain her lack of high profile, A-list acting gigs in recent years because she just doesn't age and people in Hollywood are watching their jealousy curdle into suspicion....
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Gigi Hadid taxied her nipples around the fashion show runway

There are few things more decadently ridiculous than these runway shows for the big fashion events. As far as I can tell, these things amount to little more than fashion designers showing off clothes no one in the real world will ever wear. Sometimes they don't even design anything. I saw a clip from some other fashion week runway show of a model going down the runway wearing not a damn thing....
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Maisie Williams puts a little fringe into her grown up Emmy appearance

Let's put aside Ariel Winter's boobs for a minute. In fact, let's find someone who can help her put away most of what she's giving out for free these days. "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams is actually nearly a year older than Williams and yet she's the one who has conquered dressing age-appropriately without coming off as stuffy, a feat that might not...
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Kirsten Dunst may have lost Emmy gold but her boobs won the red carpet

There were a lot of things I was happy about when it came to the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards, none of which included Jimmy Kimmel flailing with some really subpar shitty jokes. I was super excited to see my all-time favorite TV babe, Tatiana Maslany pick up the Best Dramatic Actress Emmy for the first time after carrying the show "Orphan Black" on her amazing ability to have the...
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What? More Victoria Justice? Hey, you know we never get tired of her

Like so many frequently seen faces around here, there's way more Victoria Justice content we ignore than post. I know that's probably hard to believe, considering how frequent a sight around here she can be. It's the truth though. Fortunately she's like pizza, or beer, or most things with Bill Murray in them - they never get old. I could look at her sweet, sweet face all day long and be...
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Katharine McPhee is the master of killing it at the award shows

Good lord does Katharine McPhee know how to wear an evening gown. I know that she's admitted to struggling with an eating disorder, having been told to lose weight if she wanted to gain role when trying to carve out a stage career before appearing on "American Idol," but Katharine is one of those womanly types who carries those extra 10 pounds other actresses kill themselves not to have far...
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Kristen Stewart's bleached blonde goth look slays on Elle UK cover

Kristen Stewart tends to skew on the conservative side when she appears in photoshoots for magazines, forgoing those typical sexualized poses and body part flaunting images that other actresses seemingly are pressured into. While I wouldn't complain if KStew decided to get her groove on in that regard a little more, I appreciate that she's one of the few out there who has command of her...
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Jamie Chung & her flawless complexion help hawk skin care products

I feel as if Jamie Chung has become a story of wasted potential. At one point I figured Hollywood was angling to have Jamie turn into the next Lucy Liu, with roles in DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION, SUCKER PUNCH and THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS, which ironically enough starred Liu herself. While this action hottie career doesn't seem to have panned out, the other ventures Chung has participated in...
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NKD magazine gets Elizabeth Gillies for their cover & doesn't get her naked

I get that NKD Magazine is trying to sell itself like a tasteless, unenjoyable Whole Foods "naked" food in paper form but enough is f&cking enough. When you have the triumphantly sexy and wildly talented Elizabeth Gillies as your cover model of the month, especially with that heaven-sent, unbelievable body of hers, you DON'T skimp on the actual nudity! Honestly, I respect Liz like mad, the...
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