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Hot or Not: Gal Gadot

So, last week you were all, "Hell Yeah!" when it came to Melissa Rauch but it seems you treated her new movie with about as much love as you had for her TV show, giving THE BRONZE a terrible box office opening. What kind of material will it take to get you to love Rauch in a role as well? While we're on the topic of people in particular roles, here's a new hottie for this week who may...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Gal Gadot

Today's hottie moment is brought to you by Gal Gadot , also known as our new Wonder Woman in the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE . One might guess that a lot of movie fans are still a little concerned about this casting choice, although not quite as concerned as they are about the whole flippin' movie in general. As far as Gadot goes, she has some pretty big...
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Exclusive Video: MovieHotties tribute to babes on the beach!

You may remember when we presented our video tribute to "Hot Movie Car Washes" a couple months ago (if not, you can check it out here on YouTube , where it currently has over 311,000 hits). It was outrageous, raunchy, exploitive and downright salacious , but to my befuddled flabbergast, apparently people like that kind of thing. Now that summer has officially hit us like a ton...
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Elsa Pataky's shirt is pointless

I believe the shirt Elsa Pataky was wearing while shopping the other day was pretty much the most ineffectual article of clothing I've seen. There's really no point to it at all, is there? I guess it might be sufficient to ward off enforcement of any "no shirt, no shoes, no service" signs she might have come up against in her Soho fashion quest, though only just barely. Not that I'm...
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Eva Mendes sports some beautiful, blue jeans butt

Eva Mendes was out doing some shit the other day, stuffing her ass into the sexy blue jeans. There are so many fine-assed women running around Hollywood, it's easy to overlook a few choice cuts of butt steak like Eva. Then again, such oversights are understandable, considering how little I see of her around the old cineplex. I think the last time I saw her in anything was that credits scene...
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