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Flashback Friday: We've Had Some Fast Times With Jennifer Jason Leigh

The other night I was watching FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH again, which I haven't seen in a long time. Like most folks, it's Phoebe Cates and her beloved topless bikini scene that came to mind when I started watching it. That's a great scene, no doubt. The thing a lot of people overlook is that Phoebe is only in a handful of scenes in that movie, essentially playing a slutty Jiminy...

Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Favorite Bikini Moments from Movies

Ah yes, bikini season. You can forget Christmas and all those hotties bundled up in winter coats. Right now is the most wonderful time of the year. These sunny and warm months produce endless streams of amazing asses and beautiful boobs all right out there and covered with very little. What could be better than your favorite hotties parading around in such attire up and down beaches all...

TGIFS: Poolside Hotties Edition (Exclusive)

It's that special time of year for MovieHotties and hottie admirers such as yourself, as Summer is officially a go! I don't need to tell you why this time of year is so special, but let me narrow it down to 3 words: bikinis, bikinis, and bikinis! You never know when or where one of our most beloved gals might pop up, so now is the time to keep your eyes peeled, because hotties...

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