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It's no optical illusion, Kristen Stewart actually looks happy at Met Gala

Because she's made it so easy to hate on her over the years, it's no surprise that many fashion blogs are condemning Kristen Stewart and her look in one of Chanel's optical illusion dresses (made creepy earlier this year during fashion week when worn by Keira Knightley ) at the 2014 MET Costume Gala on Monday night. I missed anyone posting on Kristen until late after the fact, so she...

Olga Kurylenko aims to ruffle your feathers in Russian Tatler

When you have women as hot as Olga Kurylenko in your country, what do you really have to be fighting about, Ukraine? Yes, she was in that VAMPIRE ACADEMY and I can see where you might take issue with that but she was one of the best things about it (in regards to the Russian people that were cast). I ask again, with the recent March 2014 issue of Tatler magazine featuring Olga writing...

Maria Menounos gives the showgirl thing a try

I've never ever seen a showgirls show (I've also never seen the SHOWGIRLS movie, but I think I can live without the latter), but now that I've seen my Greek goddess Maria Menounos all dressed up like she's about to perform the greatest show I've ever seen in my entire life, I can't get it out of my mind. I can just imagine Maria surrounded by dozens of women all dressed down, save for the...

Glitzy showgirl styled outtakes of Amanda Seyfried from People's Most Beautiful Issue

It was fairly "No Duh" when People Magazine included Amanda Seyfried in their annual Most Beautiful People issue. Whether she's acting or singing or talking about how she gets tipsy before doing any interview for television (although I like to forget how she talked about losing weight and a whole cup size in the process - girl looked bangin' with her curves, especially in MEAN GIRLS and on...

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