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Fernanda Marin stars in these gratuitously awesome 138 water pictures

I don't know what it is about these 138 Water photoshoots. Whenever I come across them, it's like 18,000 pictures isn't enough. They go ham and instead of having a good 4 or 5 really good pieces of sexy advertisement, they must say to themselves, "Well, we got this stupid hot chick in a bikini. We might as well take as many pictures of her ass and tit crack as we possibly can." Not like I'm...
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The Bikini Roundup - September 2013

Everybody likes to think of Labor Day as the end of summer, but that's not accurate at all. We get another 3 weeks of summer following that holiday. As you can see, that's plenty of time to squeeze in some last minute bikini goodness. So as some of you begin to yank all your winter clothes from storage, feel free to stop for a second and yank to this selection of the best bikini moments...
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The Bikini Roundup - July 2013

Good god, what crazy collection of hotties in bikinis we have for you this month - 31 of them, to be exact. One for every day of the month. You might not know who all these ladies are, but they're guaranteed to wow you with how well they wear the best beach gear of them all. So let's get into it, starting with my beloved Kelly Brook doing her bikini thang down in Greece. Take...
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Fernanda Marin proves that Columbian women are ridiculously attractive

I need to get me a boat. One of those really fast ones with the motor on the back of it. I'll have an assistant named "Chives" who will always wear a tuxedo and be shaking a martini for me. On our boat, as it's being kissed rhythmically by the waves, he'll ask, "Where to today, sir?" to which I'll respond, "I think we'll go to Colombia today,...
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