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Hailey Clauson's feisty hotness is taken to the streets

I've never been to Miami and I've never really talked to a girl face-to-face (I'm just far too afraid of the possible and probable rejection), but I have to imagine everything about these pictures is that. I'm talking, of course, about Hailey Clauson , an American model who I've written about before, but now, we're getting pics of this lady looking all sorts of super...
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Katy Perry kisses Santa for Glamour UK and likes it

Let's try to take the focus off whether or not she's gotten herself too attached to Douchebag Mayer or whether she's a racist because she dressed in a geisha costume for a Japanese-themed performance on the AMAs and instead let's consider if a male model dressed in a Santa suit should be so lucky as to garner Katy Perry's affections, even if it is for a photo shoot in Glamour UK. The singer...
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