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Who's looking forward to indulging on Chrissy Teigen's pizza pie?

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most adorable and yet drop dead gorgeous women I've come across on this site, methinks. There's something so insanely approachable about this woman and while there's a natural easy-going nature to this lady, there's also this fiery, sexiness to her. It's the perfect mixture of both. Le sigh. In any darn case, DuJour got ahold of Chrissy for their photoshoot and,...
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Eva Mendes looks sexy and sultry as hell even when she's covered up

It's been a good while since I've seen anything Eva Mendes related. She's so damn sexy and is one of those actresses that I feel we don't see nearly enough. Maybe it's the absence that makes my erection grow longer - I MEAN - the heart grow fonder. Yeah, that's it. Anytime I see her, I feel like WALL-E. My eyes grow all big and adorable and I emit that electronic "Eeeeeeeee-vaah." Sigh....
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