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Shay Mitchell can't contain the hot at the GQ Men of the Year party

How the hell did I miss these? I'm usually all over the goodness that is Shay Mitchell . Heck, I even caught that Family Channel X-mas thing that Shay showed up to with Lucy Hale. But apparently I wasn't keen to the GQ Men of the Year party that was hosted on December 4th, where Mitchell showed up in a cleavage-baring, low cut black dress, looking like the hotter cousin of the...

Shay Mitchell looks chic in all black for the Pink Party

You'd think that there would be a lot of super-high cut dresses hinting at a chance to see actual pink parts at the 10th Annual Pink Party in Santa Monica, California. The charity event is held to raise money for Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Program, but we all pay more attention to the hot women there than money to see them drink cocktails and participate in silent auctions. "Pretty Little...

Shay Mitchell brings her super cuteness to VH1

It's going to be nice to see super hot Shay Mitchell do something that doesn't require her talking about her time on "Pretty Little Liars." Not that I'm knocking the show - it's a great guilty pleasure viewing if you're into that kind of thing. But the woman is super hot and charming, as evidenced by her interview on VH1's Big Buzz Morning Show recently. Aside from PLL, Shay is promoting a...

Raise your hand if you're hip to Shay Mitchell's BeautyCon-ness

While I'm just as much in love with her "Pretty Little Liars" co-star, Ashley Benson and her 80's bombshell look , I'm probably more partial to Shay Mitchell and her sophisticated form of sexy, on special display here at BeautyCon (that place where "internet icons" get together in the name of all that is fashionable and lovely). Perhaps it's because I grew up with a number of Filipinos and...

You want Shay Mitchell hotness galore? You got it

First it was Esquire magazine proclaiming her to the best sexiest woman alive. Now there's some Summer 2014 edition of a magazine called Galore (which looks as if its art department consists of 14-year old gay boys - what's up with the glitter stickers, yo?) showing us that it's time to recognize the insurmountable beauty of Shay Mitchell . I'm not sure what changed...

FHM Philippines climbs a mountain for L.J. Reyes

Where I grew up, there was a large Filipino population in town, to the point where the Hispanic population didn't understand how someone with the last name of say... Reyes... was Asian. Without getting too much into historical geography (because it would all be second hand knowledge that my mom had tried explaining to me at some point far too many years ago that I care to admit to), trickle...

Ellen Adarna is my new favorite thing

Every once in a while I like to put up some pics of the lovely ladies who come to my attention amidst my seemingly endless searches for the latest Kate Upton or Kelly Brook images. Today's exquisite new find is Filipino actress Ellen Adarna who is, as you can see, quite the honey. Being part Filipina, part Chinese, part Spanish, Ellen is an prime example of the wonderful things created...

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