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Battle of the Canadian Babes FINALS!! Elisha Cuthbert VS Evangeline Lilly VS Cobie Smulders

Guess not as many of you were jazzed about the selection of babes from the third round of the Battle of the Canadian babes, seeing less feedback on that one, but still the winner was clear, making this final round complete with the addition of Miss Cobie. Now it's time to plant your flag on the hottest Canuck babe of all. Well, out of these three finalists. Elisha Cuthbert...
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Battle of the Babes: Queen of Texas FINALS! Selena Gomez vs Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Gina Carano

Last week for the final round of the hotties from Texas was another close call. While it was figured in my head that the internet wasn't going to allow a loss to Summer Glau, the mixed message of referring to them as the Tough Babes (thought hadn't even crossed my mind when I paired them all up) landed Gina Carano the final spot in what is now the FINALS. Who will be your ultimate Don't...
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Battle of the Babes New York Queen Finals!! Scarlett Johansson vs Deborah Ann Woll vs Kate Mara

It was a landslide win for ScarJo in the first of three semi-final rounds to determine which New York born actress should carry the royal crown for the East Coast. Then Deborah Ann Woll's fans came out to support their redheaded vamp, securing her second position in the finals. Surprisingly, while I knew that she was my personal favorite, I wasn't expecting a Kate Mara win in the final...
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Battle of the Babes: Alison Brie vs Kaley Cuoco vs Rashida Jones (California Queen Finals)

In round one, Alison Brie smashed the competition, making her a no-brainer finalist in the Queen of California Battle. While slightly closer in the second round Kaley Cuoco still dominated her competition by a good 6 vote margin. But in last week's roughest of the rough for you Schmoes, it was a come-from-behind (heh heh heh) win by only TWO votes for Rashida Jones ! Now it's your...
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