Amanda Seyfried is a beautiful girl in so many ways

Most of us here are fully versed in all the numerous things there are to love about Amanda Seyfried . For those not in the Amanda club, there are six representations of why she's so great in the gallery below. Girl is as beautiful and nicely put together as anyone I've ever seen. She's also sexy as hell and a good actress to boot. That's all great, but I think the thing that most endears...
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Amanda Seyfried brings her dog to everything, including her Elle UK spread

Amanda Seyfried really loves her dog Finn. I understand why. He is a handsome fella. He also seems like a nice pooch. Her love for her dog makes me think even more highly of Amanda. Sure, I'd have pleasant thoughts about her even if I knew she was a huge bitch. Just look at the girl. I could never fully hate someone that hot. I've found that people who dote and devote a significant part of...
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Amanda Seyfried and her furry friend relax around the house

It's well known that Amanda Seyfried's best buddy in the world is her pet dog Finn. They're so close that Finn is now breaking into the modelling world along with his master, together hanging out and looking cool in the pages of Russian Tatler magazine this month. Nice shades, Finn. Nice everything else, Amanda. I didn't see, nor will I ever watch LES MISERABLES, so I guess I'll never know...
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