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Sarah Hyland is a hot little firefighter on Modern Family set

Don't you wish you could lick up on Sarah Hyland like that puppy is? Sloppy, wet and all over her face, of course. The petite beauty was on set in a tight red firefighter costume for the latest Halloween episode of "Modern Family." The show has gotten a reputation for sexing up their female stars for the All Hallow's Eve installments, with a story line over how Claire (resident blonde...
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Irina Shayk is your private firefighter in Hollywood 7's fantasy issue

Get out your hoses and prepare to be handled by Irina Shayk , one of the many people that are being featured in Hollywood 7 magazine's "Fantasy Issue." The set of covers features Shayk as well as Jared Leto, Courtney Love, Elle Fanning, Laetitia Costa and Karl Lagerfeld. The magazine pays homage to the biggest stars over the last 12 months but if this is part of their 12, I have to wonder...
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