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Lucy Hale looks orgasmic for country in Flare magazine

So maybe it's just that one picture and only if her orgasms are are adorable as the pint-sized Pretty Little Liar, but it's there, isn't it? Perhaps I'm only thinking Lucy Hale and orgasms because someone mentioned to me recently that they think Hale looks like a "cleaner, more gently used version of Sasha Grey." At first I resisted the comparison for obvious or not so obvious reasons. Then...

Emilia Clake emulates Lily Collins' eyebrows in Flare magazine

April can't come fast enough for "Game of Thrones" fans, so it's a good thing that magazines project their dates out a month in advance, what with this April 2014 issue of Canada's Flare magazine featuring Emilia Clarke on its cover. Then again, as evidenced by half the posts this week, it seems as if Clarke is being featured in EVERY magazine on newsstands this...

Christina Hendricks looks ravishing in Flare magazine photo shoot

There's something about redheads that drives me absolutely crazy - and I mean this in the best way possible. I also have a soft spot for women with ridiculously massive boobs. Thankfully, there's a woman in the world that has both of these traits and she dons them gloriously.  Christina Hendricks is almost too hot for words in the new issue of Flare Magazine . Here, she can be seen...

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