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Barbara Palvin is the dirty little hippie we all knew she could be

When I say "dirty" I mean that in the best possible way. While hippies typically aren't my thing, incredibly sexy girls are. Barbara Palvin could stop shaving her legs, underarms and everything in between, skip showers, avoid brushing her teeth and be zoned out on LSD 70% of the time and I'd still have a huge desire for her. She's just that ridiculously good looking. It would appear that...
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Shailene Woodley is an adorable flower child in Bust magazine

As the ad campaign for DIVERGENT amps up, studios definitely pinning their hopes on this adapted YA book series being the next TWILIGHT moneymaker, we're seeing a lot more of its star Shailene Woodley all over the place. This time it's in the current issue of Bust magazine, which is going for that bohemian look and feel with its photoshoot of Woodley, highlighting the...
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