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Emmanuelle Chriqui has some pretty, awesome legs

I don't know too much about Emmanuelle Chriqui , other than she was in WRONG TURN and played Sloan on "Entourage". One thing I know for sure is she has a pretty rockin' bod. She certainly gets a rise out of me whenever she comes around in a new bikini photoshoot. Sadly, though, it's been a long time since I've seen her do anything of the sort. These latest couple of photos are apparently...
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These black & whites of Kate Upton may not be much, but they're better than that Mercedes commercial

If there's one article of clothing I'll never be able to figure out why is so popular with the ladies, it's shoes. Some women seem just awestruck by high heels, despite the expense and discomfort that comes with them. I've never turned to a buddy of mine and said "Hot damn, did you see the girl's shoes?", but I especially can't imagine anyone using that statement in regards to Kate Upton ....
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