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Terry Richardson nabs Miley Cyrus for another nipple-filled photoshoot

Well, it's official. We've now seen the nipples of Miley Cyrus thanks to that forever-pervy Terry Richardson. The girl warned everyone about a month ago that she was a Wrecking Ball and she's going further and further down the road to prove it. This is the latest in the long line of stunts that the former "Hannah Montana" star has pulled to prove that she's all...

Selena Gomez sports Her Adidas for the NEO Summer Campaign

Explain something to me, all of you who comment that posting about 20-year old Selena Gomez brings out the "pedophiles." You think her face looks too young? Perhaps you think she was sexualized at too young of an age and even now that she's legally an adult, we should never see her in that light because the media is a forked up world. While you're not taking the time to really sit back and...

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