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Rachel McCord shows off some patriotic booty in a stars & stripes bikini

I guess there's a whole slew of these McCord sisters, although we're most familiar with AnnaLynne McCord for her time spent on that reboot of "90210" and heavy dabbling in low budget horror movies. But this is not that McCord. No, this is AnnaLynne's little sister Rachel McCord (there's another sister named Angel as well) and boy does Rachel seem to have fallen from the Kimberley Garner...
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It ain't the 4th without brew, BBQ and Charlotte McKinney's boobs

There's a meme going around making fun of people who record vertically with their cell phones and while I might not be inclined to find it and include it here, I will show you how silly it looks when you record Charlotte McKinney and her hot friend shuffling about beachside in Malibu on this past 4th of July weekend. If you weren't already sold on McKinney simply for cup size alone, this...
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Selena Gomez reminds us that it's gonna be hot this Fourth of July

Nothing really says "AMURRICAH!" more than a former Disney star strutting around in a bra and singing shitty pop music. To her credit, though, she is looking ridiculously hot and if I ever have the option of going to a Selena Gomez concert and get a little apprehensive in the process, I can just remember these pictures and how I felt realizing that chemistry actually...
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