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I'd love to get friendly with the foxy Candice Swanepoel any day

I have something that I need to confess… My mother is one of those women who watched FOX NEWS on a pretty consistent basis. Yeah. She even records Bill O' Reily and shows me segments from it thinking that I'll walk away learning something from it. I know, I know, it's pretty awful, but she really is a very sweet woman. Anyway, who knows why extraordinarily hot hottie Candice Swanepoel...

TV personality Carrie Keagan goes for a jugs at the boobs, rack, titties, gazongas fun bags

I don't watch much of VH-1 or the E! channel or Fox News or G4, which means my familiarity with the places where TV personality Carrie Keagan typically shows up is understandably limited. That being said, it doesn't take one very long to get a fairly good grasp on what Carrie brings to the networks she shows up on, which is namely a fine set of tig ol' bitties. I don't know, maybe she is...

Miranda Kerr is everywhere

Miranda Kerr has been doing all kinds of stuff in the last 36 hours or so. First she was at some fashion design gala or something, looking hot in a short little dress. Then she went and did an appearance at some leg-shaving razor thing in a sexy yellow number. That was followed by what was probably her most difficult challenge of the day - hanging around the moronic shills at Fox "What...

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