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Friday, Friday, that Rebecca Black girl got hot since Friday

So.... you all remember this beautiful piece of American pop culture history, right?? That video has had over EIGHTY MILLION VIEWS since it was posted in late 2011. Keep in mind that it was originally posted earlier that year but was taken down due to some legal dispute between its singer, Rebecca Black and the music production company that originally released it and that first...
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TGIFs: Daisy Dukes Edition (Exclusive)

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts! Of course, I mean we enjoy watching other people wear them, or more specifically, hotties. What's not to love? One hot summer day, someone in a pair of denim jeans decided to make themselves a little more comfortable by cutting off those pesky leg sleeves. This style of cut-offs was made famous by Catherine Bach's role as Daisy Duke in...
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Hot or Not: Nia Long

Seems as if there is still plenty of love for that vegan nutjob, Alicia Silverstone, if the commentary from last week's Hot or Not selection is any indicator. I have to wonder, though... is that because you had a thing for her back in the day and you're riding the nostalgia fumes to the hottie bank? If that's the case, then I might be hearing the same feedback about this week's...
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Flashback Friday: Angelina Jolie getting naked and communing with nature on the cover of Rolling Stone

I think you'll agree that this has been one of the shittiest weeks in a long time for the ole US of A. We're getting explosions, deaths, mutilations, terrorism, biological weapons attacks, on and on. What the hell? It's like that line from Hamlet... When sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions You said it, Bill. More than ever, I think we need to take a...
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