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Sexy TwitPics: Eiza Gonzalez

Those of you who enjoy bloodsuckers, snake-handlers, and Mexican teen-oriented musical telenovelas should get a kick out of this week's TwitPic hottie, Eiza Gonzalez . Eiza first gained popularity with her acting chops on Spanish television, in the drama series LOLA... ÉRASE UNA VEZ. She then drew in more fans with her singing voice, releasing two albums with much success...

Eiza Gonzalez certainly has the ability to charm my snake

Have any of you dudes seen FROM DUSK TILL DAWN the television show? I still haven't seen it (shit, I haven't even seen the film version) but after seeing mega hottie Eiza Gonzalez …I kind of really want to. With a tight little figure, a pair of legs that go on for miles and lips that look as succulent as a strawberry, I think I've fallen in instant lust with this one, my friends. Upon some...

Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Movie Creature Babes

This time around on the 6-pack we've compiled 6 of the hottest Movie Monster Babes. Yes, those lovely ladies we can't help but desire, despite the fact that they'll rip you apart or transform into some hideous creature. Expect so see some goodies from such ladies as Salma Hayek and Megan Fox . Check out the complete list below! As always, give us your ideas for upcoming...

Salma Hayek creates the perfect blend of elegant and hot

Clearly whatever this LACMA thing is brings the hotties out in droves, not the least of which was Joblo favorite Salma Hayek . She was there along with all the rest of the hotties, yet setting herself apart with that patented sexy Latina thing, shampoo commercial hair, an elegant yet provocative dress that properly emphasizes her legendary tits, and of course her beautiful face which has so...

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