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The Hottie Stop interviews Georgina Haig star of Once Upon a Time & The Mule

Australian beauty Georgina Haig can currently be seen playing Disney princess Elsa (you know, "Let it Go" and all that jazz?) on ABC's "Once Upon a Time," but she can also be seen in a film that's about as far away from a fairy tale as you can get. In THE MULE, Georgina plays a public defender who is tasked with helping a drug mule (Angus Sampson) out of his predicament: he's swallowed...

Once Upon a Time already adds Frozen's Elsa to their cast

You had to know it was coming. Even though the movie FROZEN has a groundswell of people who don't believe it's the bee's tits, 100 million little girls buying into the Disney princess regime can't be too far off. Now we get to see Australian actress Georgina Haig dressed up in the movie's anti-heroine (ask any of those little girls which character they prefer and rather than pick the sister...

Idina Menzel gets her name spelled right in Billboard magazine

I wonder if as many people that are talking about Idina Menzel right now would have been doing so if John Travolta hadn't f*cked up her name at the Oscars. Then again, I pretty much also don't care. I think Menzel is the bee's knees. She's a 42-year old woman with pipes just as good as a number of other theatrical singers who have gotten more attention than she, and I would...

Adams, Bullock, Bell and Blanchett are lovely ladies who lunch

Every year it's the same thing; a bunch of the beautiful people who bring their talents to the big screen get together to rub elbows and pretend to eat gourmet food at the Oscar Luncheon. I might be guessing as to whether or not these super fit women here are not eating but I'm certain that they were taking the luncheon opportunity to look hot, from Kristen Bell in her strappy MILF dress...

Kristen Bell celebrates music from Frozen, we celebrate her new MILF curves

I should probably be slightly more considerate when I mention the new curves that Kristen Bell has been flaunting since she gave birth to her daughter, Lincoln. The actress, who was on hand with the rest of the voice cast from the super-popular Disney flick, FROZEN, performing the music from the movie and celebrating its success, has also been out in the media recently, causing a...

Kristen Bell brings the heat to the Frozen premiere

Family films are something that I typically stay away from. Sure, there are a bunch of hot moms in there taking their kids to go see some talking animals and shit, but why would I put up with happy endings, annoying animated characters, unfunny jokes and, worst of all, loud, obnoxious little kids crying and screaming and pooping their pants? No, thank you. I am, however, willing to make an...

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