Lisalla Montenegro gives us fun, nostalgic and super sexy pics to ogle at

Wow. I don't know who this little lady is or for what purpose these photos were taken, but this is a wonderfully spectacular and sexy little photoshoot with a model that goes by the name of Lisalla Montenegro . This is just a fun, sexy, visually interesting photoshoot and props to everyone involved for making this look not only cool as hell, but ridiculously hot. It's also very different and...

Fuzzy Kate Upton pics still bring ridiculous cleavage (and I 'aint horsin' around!)

I never liked horses. They're smelly, ugly little creatures that send people like my cousin Travisáto the hospital when he tried to have sex with it. Totally unrelated note, but it had to be addressed.á Anyway, there's a whole new reason to despise horses and you can find it below. Why can't it be me that Kate Upton poses on top of? Am I not majestic enough for her? Is it because I...

Vanessa Hudgens goes for old school glamour as Marie Claire's October 2013 cover girl

It's getting to be the time of the year when magazines start blasting out all kinds of kooky fall fashion spreads, so it's nice to see Vanessa Hudgens getting the classic movie ingenue, even though after getting to know Miss Sends Nude Pictures Texts over the years, she's definitely not innocent. The classic structure of the (is that leather) hair wrap, the poses across the bed, it's all...

Rosario Dawson enjoys the President's balls

Looked like Rosario Dawson was having herself some fun at a pair of presidential inauguration balls last night. Then again, Rosie's the type who could turn a state execution into a party. Am I the only one upset at the appalling lack of Rosie movies lately? I haven't seen her in anything since I accidentally dropped the remote and it switched over to that horrible ZOOKEEPER abomination by...

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